Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Wilson Awasu

Self-publishing authors are shattering the old myths about independent publishing, proving that self-publishing books are compelling, high quality and infinitely readable. Outskirts Press is so very proud of the talented authors we’ve worked with over the years to contribute to this thorough debunking. Together, we’ve racked up countless accomplishments, awards, author benchmarks and recognitions that serve as a testament to the quality of their — and our — work.

In thanks for the dedication of our authors, we like to showcase a different author in our regular Self-Publishing Author Spotlight. This time around, we’re giving a nod to spiritual author Wilson Awasu, who has published four books through Outskirts Press: Singlehood, Family Likeness, Kathy’s Good News, and Kim’s Confessions. An accomplished author, Awasu is sure to continue to inspire others with his insights.


Wilson Awasu (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) has been given the opportunity to observe people’s relational patterns during decades of teaching and interacting with college students, missionaries and hundreds of people both within and outside the church. This book shares his insights, taken from experience with eligible singles, never-married singles, married couples both with and without children, widows, widowers and divorcées. Dr. Awasu is the author of Kim’s Confessions, Kathy’s Good News, and Family Likeness. He and his wife, Anna, live in Lakeville, Minnesota.


There can be many complex emotions tied up in the idea of being single. Societal pressures, self-esteem, loneliness, a sense of where you fit in the world … it can be overwhelming, even depressing. Singlehood is a refreshing look at what it means to be single.

Do you look for a potential partner with a laundry list of must-haves, ignoring your own dysfunctions? Are you more focused on what someone can give to you, rather than on what you will bring to a partnership? Are you locked into the idea that people who don’t have children aren’t fulfilling their calling in life? And do you believe that as a single person, you aren’t who you are supposed to be? Properly benefiting from singlehood can be the most powerful tool in transitioning to a successful marriage. Let Singlehood open your eyes to a new way of thinking: Learn how to enjoy being single, and learn the skills that will let you take charge of the experience of singlehood, turning it into a time for growth and blossoming, rather than bitterness and frustration.

Family LikenessBelieving, Behaving, Becoming

Like many of us, you may attend church faithfully and try to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, but perhaps you feel that you aren’t accomplishing enough, that your walk with God is not as vital and alive as you would like it to be. In his inspiring, compassionate book, Family Likeness, Wilson Awasu shares stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God in their everyday lives.

The presence of God in people’s lives makes them more like Jesus and allows them to become spiritually, morally and mentally aligned to God, able to pick up on his cues, tugs and nudges to be channels of his grace. Every Christian has the opportunity to extend God’s love, forgiveness, peace, joy, life, freedom and wholeness to people and situations who are hurting and in need. Man was made in God’s image: If you take that concept seriously, as God does, you will be amazed at what he will accomplish through you. Family Likeness gives you practical help to see God in others, and to make this way of relating an integral part of your life.

Kathy's Good NewsKathy’s Good News

“Promise you won’t laugh when I tell you what I want to say,” said 12-year-old Kathy, looking worried. “I promise,” I assured her. I had just finished a week-long seminar on “Life, Freedom and Power” in her church.

“I’m glad you didn’t ask people to come forward to receive Jesus. I would come forward, but I hate coming.” “Why?” I asked. “That would be the tenth time,” she responded, wiping tears from her cheeks. “I don’t think I understand the good news. If I did, I wouldn’t go forward every time I hear it. Tell me the good news so I get it. Isn’t that what Jesus wants? Then I can tell others, right?”

So begins the true story of a five-month-long “conversation” by email between the young Kathy and the author, Dr. Wilson Asawu, after he returns home from the suburban community where she attended his church seminar. The sequence of email between them shows how — one cautious, but trusting step after another — Kathy finally fulfills her desire to enter a personal relationship with God. After she makes her testimony to her sister and her mother, they do the same. Kathy’s story exposes and addresses the “false start” syndrome: growing up in a comfortable Christian home, believing all the right things, but finally lacking the assurance in one’s heart that one is a child of God. For any such children, Kathy’s Good News could be their good news, too.

Kim's ConfessionsKim’s Confessions
Kim thinks she’s a true believer. She’s a ninth-generation Presbyterian and her church’s choir director, to boot. But she’s about to learn that belief isn’t something you can take for granted.

It all starts when her pastor puts on a seminar titled “Radical Growth.” Confronted with challenges to her trust in the Lord, Kim puts up strong resistance. After all, she’s done all the right things, knows all about the Bible; how could she be less than fully trusting in God? But when a pointed example reveals her deeply hidden skepticism, Kim faces a truth she can’t ignore.

What follows is a journey of faith and personal discovery that will give Kim a relationship with God she hasn’t had in her 43 years. The key is to learn childlike trust in God — a practice much easier said than done. Along the way, she’ll also experience a healing of the grudges, disdain and disrespect she didn’t even know she held. And her radical transformation will end up having a larger impact on the church than she could ever have imagined.

Eye-opening and moving, Kim’s Confessions explores the real meaning of belief. Part spiritual history, part guidebook, it’s a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God.

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