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“It looks like going with Outskirts Press’ custom cover is the way to go! Thanks for getting this one out so quickly!”

Robert Lovelle Rooks is a published writer from Central Texas. He’s been writing since he was in grade school. After being published in a youth showcase called Sparks, he went on to write and copyright all of his material until he found something he felt would be suitable for publication. He is a father of four who still holds down a full-time job, but claims to just want a simple life.

“Best Broken Promise” is Robert Rooks’ 3rd book with Outskirts Press. He is also the author of “Truth’s At Distance” and “Personally Lucky”.

Can a man ever overcome the foibles that haunt him? Meet Percy James, a man whose girl friend won’t give him what he’s always wanted, a child of his own…a man who flits from relationship to relationship, unable to find love. And then one day, Percy James finds himself in the same room with the one woman who carries a secret that can provide him with true happiness.

– Robert Lovelle Rooks, author of Best Broken Promise

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