Weighing Your Self-Publishing Options: An Apples-to-Oranges Comparison

Choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing is hard enough (although we could give you a thousand reason why the advantages of self-publishing trump those of traditional publishing houses any day). But then, once you determine to self-publish, how do you decide which company to do business with?

It’s never as simple as comparing apples to apples. Each independent company has its own a la carte services, pricing structures and publishing packages, making it difficult to zero in on the best deal between two companies, and nearly impossible to sort out the the best values from among dozens of companies competing for your business.

Let’s start by highlighting a pillar of Outskirts Press‘ unparalleled service to independent authors — our inclusive publishing packages. Every money-saving bundle we offer includes certain features and service every author can count on: free author copies, formatting, custom cover, non-exclusive contract, full author rights and freedom to set pricing, author webpage, local radio producer contacts, marketing toolkit and author discounts on all kinds of printing, marketing and promotional goods and services.

Depending on what package you order, you may also receive expedited service, official copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, an Amazon Kindle edition of your book, the Espresso Book Machine edition, electronic clipping service, a PR campaign and five hours of personal marketing assistance with a professional book marketing expert, among other benefits.

Sure, other self-publishing companies offer packages of their own, but what Outskirts Press includes in most packages may cost extra elsewhere. Why? Because other publishers bundle attractive-looking packages and slightly undercut our all-inclusive package price, only to nickel and dime you to death on goods and services you never saw coming.

Of course, you don’t have to purchase an all-inclusive package to realize discounts with Outskirts Press. We’ve consistently maintained competitive pricing on services such as cover art, copy editing and book video trailers — beating major competitors such as CreateSpace fees on all three — and offering other services, such as sell sheets at no charge.

Then there are the benefits one simply cannot put a price on:

  • a knowledgeable team of publishing experts with invaluable experience in the industry
  • one-on-one support at every step of the way, before, during and after publication
  • high-quality product
  • creative freedom, as well as the power to set your own pricing
  • low author costs per book, combined with high royalties
  • sky-high customer satisfaction

These are features and benefits of doing business with Outskirts Press that are difficult to measure in terms of upfront costs; however, the quality and scope of the services you hire now could greatly influence the level of success you experience with your book.

Need more information to decide what services are right for you? Contact Outskirts Press to find out how to get published quickly and affordably.

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