5 Book Marketing Tips for Holiday Sales Success

Once again, the holiday season is rapidly barreling down on us.

As authors, we all know how time can get away from us. We also know the value of making the most of every opportunity. Well, that’s what the holidays represent in terms of book marketing: a not-so-little opportunity to seize a piece of a brisk book-selling season. To help you make the most of it, here are five tips to help you market your book painlessly and profitably for maximum impact:

  1. Plan ahead. Sure, you can wing it during the holidays, but trust us when we say that a little bit of planning now can save you time and boost your sales later. Take a few moments to set realistic goals for the holiday season. Examples of reasonable short-term goals might be to secure two interviews with local news organizations before Thanksgiving, sell a certain number of hardcopies at holiday events, or make a few new valuable professional networking connections before you’re too busy to think about it.
  2. Put a Personal Marketing Assistant to work for you. A Personal Marketing Assistant (PMA) can help tailor a specific marketing plan to your needs so you can capitalize on the annual holiday book-buying boom. That way, you can still make significant progress toward your marketing goals without losing valuable time and opportunities due to holiday obligations. There’s so many benefits to be gained from the service of a PMA, so be sure to take advantage of their assistance during these busy times!
  3. Remember it’s the giving season. Consider offering an incentive to potential readers who need that little, extra push, such as a limited, holiday-themed discount available to attendees of your book signings or speaking engagements. You can choose a buy-one-get-one gift bundle, or perhaps an attractive discount on all orders placed on or before December 15.
  4. Keep hardcopies on hand at all times. If you’re like most of us, you come into face-to-face contact with more people during the brief time between Halloween and New Year’s than you do the rest of the year. Family gatherings, company parties – even chance encounters at the mall – all present opportunities to get the word out about your book and make a sale. If there’s not a stack of books in the car trunk next to those holiday packages, order them now!
  5. Get the word out to willing ears. Every December, the New York Times publishes a special Holiday Books Edition targeted at more than 4 million subscribing book buyers. These aren’t casual shoppers. These are motivated bookworms, many of whom are actively looking for books to buy for themselves and as gifts to loved ones. By sharing co-op ad space and ad costs with a limited number of fellow Outskirts Press authors, you gain priceless, perfectly timed exposure at the lowest price possible. The New York Times co-op ad is only available once per year on a first come first served basis, so reserve your space now before it’s too late.

Now is the time to start planning your holiday book marketing efforts. With a little forethought, you can greatly boost your sales in the next couple of months. And as always, Outskirts Press is here to help when you need us.



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