Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Wendy L. Courchaine

Outskirts Press has been fortunate over the years to play host to a number of talented and prolific authors, both in the fiction and non-fiction realms. So, it goes without saying that we thoroughly enjoy singing these author’s praises whenever we get the opportunity. Thus, the Self-Publishing Author Spotlight was born. This week we shine the spotlight on author Wendy L. Courchaine.


A native Rhode Islander, Wendy L. Courchaine is the author of four fiction novels that range from romance to action/adventure: Emerald Eyes, The Mind Benders, Asylum Road and The Ghosts of Moon Lake. She is a mother and grandmother who has spent most of her life writing fiction. She holds two doctorates in Metaphysical Science and Metaphysical Counseling.

The Mind BendersThe Mind Benders

Lindsey Porter, with her friends, Matt, Corey and Beth are vacationing in a cabin in the mountains of Vermont. During their stay they encounter the macabre murder of two police officers, an Indian named Charlie Two Claws who believes his wife was taken by a mysterious religious sect called the Mind Benders, and a gutted pig dangling from an oak tree. Lindsey risks herself and the lives of her friends in stubborn determination to discover what is happening in the sleepy town of Vermont.

Asylum RoadAsylum Road

Dark secrets come to light as two amateur sleuths discover the history of a sanitarium and the old woman who holds the key to it all. Mystery, murder and mayhem adorn this story of intrigue and suspense in a surprise ending that will awaken your investigative senses.

When Lindsey Porter lands her first real job at the Lakeside Sanitarium, little did she know that the dark forces from within the walls of the institution were about to erupt. With her mentor and close friend, Charlie Two Claws, the two become involved in a mysterious murder investigation that leads them on a dangerous hunt that could cost them their lives.

The Ghosts of Moon LakeThe Ghosts of Moon Lake

What dark secrets does the lake hold?

The past comes back to haunt the residents of Moon Lake when Lindsey Porter and her partner Charlie Two Claws seek to discover the reason behind the grizzly murder of a newspaper reporter. Confusion, cover-ups, and close calls can’t deter the two from finding the truth, but what price are they willing pay for it.

A Woman in the WildKitty Claus

Romance and adventure abound in this story of a privileged woman who is forced to travel West on the Oregon Trail. Travel with her as she encounters hardships that no woman should endure and the man who makes it all worthwhile.

When Judge Calvert decides to move his family from Philadelphia to the Pacific Northwest, he hadn’t anticipated the hardships that would test the strength and courage of his family. Suffering an injury early, he must hand the reigns over to his beautiful and privileged daughter, Mary Calvert, who must take on the responsibility of getting them through. On the trail, she meets John Bedder, fur trapper turned scout, who helps her discover the beauty of the wilderness and the meaning of love much to the Judge’s dismay.

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