Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Darlene Cozart Inks Movie Deal

Many Outskirts Press self-published authors dream about moving from published author to the Silver Screen. For author Darlene Cozart, that dream is coming to fruition.

Cozart, author of five self-published books with Outskirts Press, including Miracle Angle Stories, In the Realm of Angels and An Angel’s Love, is working with filmmakers to bring her life story to live action in 2013. While there are more direct ways to make inroads to Hollywood through Outskirts Press, for Cozart the big break came somewhat by chance.

“I started taking my Angel Treasure Stories to the children who are fighting cancer. I knew that those precious babies need a good laugh and that my Mafia cookbook, Yo you Capeesh It’s a Cookbook would bring loads of laughs,” Cozart recalls. “So when I started doing this, a producer sent me a message asking me if I would be interested in doing my biography and what charity would I like to help. I told her that I wanted to help give a portion of the money raised with this movie to the Ronald McDonald House. They help so many families with their children, and when I called them they were so exited.”

Cozart was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and grew up for a time in Tieton, Wash. She’s known for her work in music, live television and voice over work, and was up for a BCMA Music Award for Entertainer of the Year in 1991.

Cozart met with the filmmakers in late October for initial filming and is set to begin more intensive filming in January. There’s no solid release date for the movie, but when we get details about the release, we’ll keep you posted.

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5 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Darlene Cozart Inks Movie Deal

  1. Here is the latest news on the film “Realm of Angels” the Film is going awesome and all the scenes are all coming together. There is still three more scenes to complete with the Final scene on April the 7th. Then the editing begins and the Film will be complete. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen….it has been such an over the top experience…I just want to encourage everyone to reach for your dreams and you can make it happen too…all the very best to everyone….

  2. I am also doing a meeting January 19th 2013 with guest speakers. I will be leading the music and also we will be giving out my Angel stories as prizes and everyone will be added to the Film “Realm of Angels”… there is more doors now opening……reach for your dreams everyone….they can come true……

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone….and the Charity is still in question as we are looking into multiple ones that we can help…..have a fabulous day and all the best for everyone….I have finished doing the first scene for the Film…and we will be going full days in January and February…..It really is coming together……I hope this encourages everyone to reach for their dreams too….have a great day everyone….
    Darlene Cozart

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