How A Self-Publishing Author Can Become An Amazon Bestseller

Seeing your name in the list of Amazon bestsellers is every author’s dream! Self-publishers face stiff competition from heavily funded and marketed traditional publishers, so it is always nice to see a self-publisher conquering the Amazon bestsellers list. Neal Bogosian is one such self-publisher who used Outskirts Press book marketing packages (and a very cool, and clever marketing ploy) to enter the Amazon Best Seller list.

Neal’s self-published book – The Adventures of Chip Doolin has captured the hearts of many readers that have left positive feedback for Neal’s work. You can check out Neal’s book at Amazon’s Kindle store.

You are probably wondering as to how Neal did it, and perhaps if you could use the same technique to launch your self-published book.

Before I tell you that, here is another quick fact about the book’s ranking, as of when I’m writing this post: The Adventures of Chip Doolin is ranked #8 in Amazon’s paid Kindle store in the Baseball category. Pretty cool, right?

So here is how Neal did it:

He gave it away for free.


One fine Sunday morning, Neal gave away his book for free – just for one day. By giving away something for free, that otherwise costs nearly $7, Neal managed to draw in huge crowd of readers, thus catapulting his book into Amazon’s best seller list.

So did he actually lose out on any sales? I don’t have any numbers to prove or disprove this, but offering something for free and then selling it further actually entices more people to purchase. The simple reason that everyone is reading the book (hence the book is on Amazon’s best seller list) as well as purchasing it justifies many readers opening up their wallets to make a purchase.

Several authors have attained great success from selling Kindle-ready books.

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  1. I am one who personally purchased this book and I am adamant about spreading the word on this book wherever I can! I read it to my son and I read it myself. LOVED IT!! It’s historically accurate, innocent and a truly fun read!! I HIGHLY recommend this book to readers young and old, as well ALL baseball fans. Chip Doolin is dah man!! I hope the author continues the series.

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