Outskirts Press is an industry leader in providing post-publication support, products, and services to its growing family of published authors. Because we know how confusing it can be to pick the right marketing solution for your book, we publish our list of Top 10 Book Marketing Options each month to help you prioritize your book marketing efforts.

The top-ranking options are determined by how many self-published authors sign up for them. Many of these products and services are even available to authors who did not publish with Outskirts Press.  Visit our Marketing Solutions page to view the growing list of available book marketing options.

These are the marketing products and services determined to be most popular by our authors for the month of November 2010, listed below in alphabetical order:

Amazon Cover Enhancement
This is an option that helps you either get your cover on Amazon faster or enhance the way it looks to increase exposure.
Amazon Extreme Package
This is a package deal that lets you save 25% on 3 amazing marketing tactics centered around Amazon: The Amazon Kindle Edition, Search Inside the Book, and the Keyword Search Submission Service. Plus a free copy of the Amazon best selling book, Sell Your Book on Amazon.
Amazon Kindle Edition
The Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary wireless reading device that allows its owners to instantly download books and newspapers. This is the new way that people are buying books. However, only books that have been submitted to the Amazon Kindle via the required process and in the required format are available for Kindle readers to purchase and enjoy.
Amazon Search Inside the Book
This service allows your potential buyer to browse your book online just as they would in a “traditional” bookstore. This alleviates a lot of the the anxiety associated with purchasing books online.
Award Recognition Cover Enhancement
This option allows you to add an award seal to the front cover of your book helps notify everyone that you are an award-winning author with an award-winning book.
Barnes & Noble See Inside
This is Barnes & Noble’s answer to Amazon’s “Search Inside the Book” program. Books that participate in this program receive a “See Inside” icon next to their Barnes & Noble cover image, which invites potential customers to electronically “flip” through a small section of the book.
Benjamin Franklin Awards Submission
Every year the Independent Book Publishers Association honors exemplary books with the Benjamin Franklin Award. With this option, you can make sure your book is among the ones being considered.
Evvy Awards Submission
The Evvy Awards are sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association and is invitation-only. The top 5% of Diamond and Pearl authors that publish with Outskirts Press during the past year are nominated. Authors that accept this nomination enjoy a certain level of prestige and can possibly go on to win our “$1500 Best Book of the Year Award“.
Personal Marketing Assistant
The Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant option is ideal for authors who want marketing assistance that is personal and specific. The Personal Marketing Assistant is available to work with you in five hour blocks of time to promote your book in accordance with your plan and goals.
Reader Views Literary Awards Submission
Every year Reader Views honors exemplary books from independent self publishers with the Literary Book Award. With this option, you can make sure your book is among the ones being considered.

Outskirts Press authors who are interested in any of these options can find further details and ordering information by clicking on the name (or image) of the option above. Information about either of these solutions can be found on the Marketing Options page of your Publishing Center. Authors who published elsewhere can visit our Marketing Solutions page to get more information about any of  the marketing options available to order.

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