This Book Video Contest is hosted by Outskirts Press, America’s fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company.

Last month’s Book Video Trailers are shown below.  Watch them all and vote now for your favorite Book Video Trailer by retweeting (through your Twitter account) the original tweet shown below the video of your choice.  The author of the book in the video with the most retweets will win a FREE Espresso Edition of their book, courtesy of Outskirts Press.  

Voting begins now!  Votes will be tracked through the end of the month and the winner will be announced in the first week of October.  **Voters: you must tweet the exact message below in order for us to be able to track the votes. 

RT @OutskirtsPress VIDEO: How to have the best possible life now…

RT @OutskirtsPress VIDEO: Noogie Circles by William C. Rice

RT @OutskirtsPress VIDEO: The Mission: A Redemption of the Past by Larry Hunter

RT @OutskirtsPress VIDEO: Candy In The Sand by Sahara Bowser


RT @OutskirtsPress VIDEO: The Science Of Life by Ronnie Lee

Book video trailers are just one of the many additional marketing services Outskirts Press offers to help its authors promote their books.  Not published yet?  It’s time to get published and experience book marketing support like this.

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7 thoughts on “VOTE NOW: Self-Publishing Book Video Contest – September 2010

  1. My vote is for “HOW TO HAVE THE BEST POSSIBLE LIFE NOW …” because nothing will match to the valuable life God has given to mankind through His Son Jesus Christ. The old story may look simple as TRUTH is also has its simplicity still it embrace eternity but all we produce is temporal and it means vanity.

    John Cyrus

  2. Uhm, so you want me to vote for someone’s book video (which they probably did not make) so someone else (not me) can win a prize. Why? You should make it so there’s some incentive for me…it’s the old WIIFM approach.

  3. I watched the six videos, but could not find the link to VOTE for the best one. Where is it? My vote goes to the book about Physics as the best video, followed by the one about changing your diet. Both had good music also and fast moving thought out content.
    I am proud to be a Published author through Outskirts. Joan

  4. How do you vote if you do not “tweet” for one reason or another.

    1. Hi Emanuel — It’s a Twitter contest, so votes have to be made from a Twitter account. If you know of anyone with a Twitter account, you can ask them to vote for you (provide them with the text so all they have to do is copy, paste and hit “update”).

      If you use other social networking sites (such as Facebook, MySpace or your own website or blog), make sure to let your followers know about the contest so they can vote for you if they have Twitter accounts.

      Good luck!

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