Setting Kindle Pricing for Self Publishing Success

The Kindle edition of Moonlight by Keith Knapp has been one of the Outskirts Press bestselling books in the Kindle store for months, currently in the number two spot. 


Knapp set the price for his Kindle edition at just $.99, and recently his paperback format hit the Outskirts Press bestseller list.

According to Knapp, “I chose the low price to get some readers willing to try out a new author. It’s not easy for someone to read a book by someone they’ve never heard of before – lots of people probably like to stick with the writers they love. But for a buck, some people will take a chance.

When it gets right down to it, it’s all about word of mouth, which I’m very thankful for. I don’t like marketing much, or promoting, or plugging my stuff…it takes away time I could be writing. But you have to do it from time to time in order to start to get the word out there to spread.”

Fortunately, Outskirts Press offers a wide variety of marketing solutions for self-publishing authors, including a Kindle edition and submission service and a Personal Marketing Assistant option, which Outskirts Press authors can purchase at any time from within their Author’s Center.

Is it time to get published and start receiving marketing services like this?

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