Self Publishing and the 2010 Bologna Children’s Book Fair

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair, taking place this week, is the world’s leading book fair focusing solely on children’s publishing with a focus on the sale of rights and international co-productions. The following Outskirts Press titles can be found on exhibit at this year’s event:

If you are a published Children’s book author with Outskirts Press and interested in exhibiting your book with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair next year, you can register for this event conveniently from your author’s center Marketing Options screen. Space is limited and filled on a first-come, first served basis. Due to the specific requirements of Bologna, this event is not a part of our Global Book Tour package and must be registered for separately if you are interested.

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2 thoughts on “Self Publishing and the 2010 Bologna Children’s Book Fair

  1. Hi Outskirts:
    I published two children’s books last year. It would have been nice to know about this Bologna Book fair earlier. My books are sold in the UK, France, Germany, and Japan I wish you had told me about this as my books are for children and used in a few reading programs. Thank you,
    Joe Blevins A Visit to Pawpaw’s- One and Two.

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