Add custom HTML to your Author Webpage

Webpage Content Formatting Support

What is the difference between an author webpage that looks like this:

and an author webpage that looks like this?

  • Bolded text
  • Enlarged text
  • Colored text
  • Bullet points
  • Supportive graphics
  • Aesthetic placement of paragraphs and
    line breaks

Turn your author webpage into a powerful sales tool with the Webpage Content Formatting Support to help you make the content of your webpage look the way you really want it to look. With the Webpage Content Formatting Support option, you can designate certain parts of your synopsis, biography, and/or sample text to be in color, enlarged text, bulleted, or spaced more appropriately with line breaks or paragraph breaks.

You can even upload up to 100k of additional images to your webpage for placement where you specify.  You can even add up to 100k of additional images and we’ll add them where you want.

The Webpage Content Formatting Support option does not alter the overall design or color scheme of your free webpage lay-outs (you would need our professional Enhanced Customizable Website option for that) But within the sections that you can modify within your author’s center, our HTML expert can enhance the overall look of your author webpage with specific HTML codes designed to make your webpage more professional.

The specific HTML codes that are supported are:


Or you can hotlink to any images you have the rights to use.


To order the Webpage Content Formatting Support option, visit your Marketing Options screen in your author’s center and scroll to the “Support” section.

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