When you publish your own book, you should have clearly defined goals. Maybe your ultimate goal is to become a bestselling author or maybe you want to reach a specific audience and change lives. Either way, learning that you have sold enough books to earn recognition is a surprising achievement and one to be very proud of.

Here at Outskirts Press, we love to spotlight our bestsellers because they reveal the possibilities available to self-publishing authors, provided they implement a strong book promotion strategy, including (but not limited to) investing money in various services such as:


Here is one of the bestselling authors for March 2011:

The Man Came and Took it Away by W.G. Bowser


The first true story of life inside the repossession field!

One of the most electrifying and significant documents ever written about the repossession field, “THE MAN CAME AND TOOK IT AWAY” is the authentic story of this controversial profession as seen through the eyes of the dynamic man who owned the world’s largest agency. Bill Bowser, who spent 45 years battling drug pushers, hardcore criminals, sexual deviates, police harassment, deadbeats and even the Mafia, now has disclosed with horrific clarity the dangerous, intriguing, challenging, baffling and outrageous situations which the repossessor meets in an average day’s work. He has repossessed everything from hearing aids on deceased persons, to airliners, and everything in between, including cars,trucks, tractors, pigs, dogs,boats, wooden legs, buildings, tombstones and stallions.

Bowser, probably the most dedicated man ever to enter this field, was determined to get every job done, regardless of personal danger. While performing what perhaps is the most hush-hush, but very necessary, task involved in the preservation of the financial structure of the U.S., death was his ever-present companion. Bowser has been pistol-whipped, shot at, run off the highway at high speeds and burned out, but never was stopped, not even for a day.

First published in 1972. Newly republished with Outskirts Press in 2011.


We were lucky enough for Bill (W.G.) to stop by and answer a few questions about his book and the Outskirts Press publishing experience.

OP: What made you decide that self-publishing would be the best way to publish your book?

“I was told I had a lot of stories and should write a book in 1970, so I did. That book was self-published. I ran out of those books and couldn’t get anymore. I was getting so many request for books that I decided to redo my book and re-publish it.”

OP: Why did you decide to publish with Outskirts Press?

“My wife, daughter and I looked into several self-publishing companies. My daughter found Outskirts and it seemed to us that Outskirts had a lot more to offer than any of the other companies, at a much more reasonable price.”

OP: Can you share a bit about your book promotion strategy?

“I know a lot of people, and it seems that even more people know me. Through friends and several organizations that I’m affiliated with, I have been able to set up four book signing events so far. (One has already taken place and was very successful.) Since the book came out I have also been asked to give several speeches, which I feel will give me opportunities for book sales. I am also thinking about advertising in several magazines.”

OP: Describe your book in 140 characters or less.

The Man Came And Took It Away is an autobiography of my career as a repossessor in the early days, 1955 to 1970.”

OP: How long did it take you to write your book?

“It took about a year and a half to write the book, although it was not a full time endeavor.”

OP: Are you planning to publish any other books?

“Possibly. If this book does fairly well, I might write another book which would be my career from 1970 to my retirement in 2002. I still have a lot of stories and experiences to tell about.”

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