Top 10 Black History Books

Today, we celebrate Black History Month with a selection of significant works from Outskirts Press self-publishing authors. This collection delves into black history from a variety of perspectives: thoughtful historical recounting, historically accurate fiction, American and international black perspectives, dramatic and true family histories and more. Among this curated selection are celebrated, award-winning books that readers of all walks of life will by moved by. So enrich yourself this February with our Top 10 Black History Books from Outskirts Press.

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Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: The Knight Family Legacy by Marilyn R. Hill-Sutton

Self publishing a book is exciting. It doesn’t matter whether an author chooses to publish using a full service provider, like Outskirts Press, or if they decide to “go it alone.”  Because we understand the dedication that is required to write, publish, and market a book, we like to feature our top authors each week so that you can get to know a little bit more about them and their book. This week, we are featuring Marilyn R. Hill-Sutton’s The Knight Family Legacy.

In her latest book, self-publishing Outskirts Press author, Marilyn R. Hill-Sutton, gives an eye-opening glimpse into the complex, often contradictory story of Major John Knight Jr. and those around him-a world where the gray areas crowd out black and white.

In 1886, Major John Knight Jr. summoned five witnesses to his deathbed. There, he did something extraordinary: He bequeathed his former slaves his estate. What followed is a story of courage, love, epic legal battles, and one remarkable turnabout: only years after being in bondage, Knight’s former slaves and their descendants entered the plantation house as masters of their domain-and their future.

Marilyn R. Hill-Sutton’s new historical biography/autobiography, a seven year undertaking, is a story of courage and incredible inner strength. Her successful venture is a testament that anyone can trace their ancestry. She delves deep into the psyche of every day people in an era and time when black-white relationships were taboo, while providing a revelation that we, as a people, are more one than many. She surreptitiously explores commonalities that bridge real and/or perceived barriers that divide us—barriers often attributed to national origin, ethnicity, class, and socio-economic factors. Finally, she examines the intent of the heart and the intrinsic bonds of family—only to uncover that the heart and family are indeed unifying forces.

The Knight Family Legacy: One Family’s Story is perfect for Civil War buffs, Slavery Historians, Social Historians, Cultural Historians, Genealogists and Family History enthusiasts, and anyone with a genuine love for history and the implicit, although complex, and, often contradictory, human interactions of a foregone era.









Marilyn R. Hill-Sutton is the wife of Joseph Sutton, a Knight family descendant. After a career in the insurance and healthcare industries, she embarked on a journey to research and document the stories that have been passed down by ancestors through word-of-mouth for more than a century. Her love for history, and her husband’s family legacy, was the driving force behind the quest to trace the family’s trajectory from the scourge of slavery through their many immeasurable triumphs.

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