This Week’s Amazon Featured Book of the Week is Book of ?Mindsets? by David Doughty

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Book of ?Mindsets? by David Doughty

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The text explores and describes different Mindsets one may encounter in life, including the Pedigree Mindset, Zen Mindset, Advertising Mindset, Memorial Mindset, Ageless Mindset, Carefree Mindset, Outside the Box Mindset, Saving Lives Mindset, Skeptical Mindset, Heartfelt Mindset, Drone Mindset, Awesome Wonder Mindset, Over the Hill Mindset, and a Series on the Wall Street Babbling Bizarre Mindset starting with YOUR HIRED and ending with YOUR FIRED!

Mr. Doughty provides humorous and thoughtful descriptions, many in rhyme, of how these Mindsets might work???

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