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Jonna-Lynn K Mandelbaum earned a doctorate in education from Georgia State University and a master’s in public health from The Johns Hopkins University. She graduated from Philadelphia’s Methodist Hospital School of Nursing and received a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Lebanon Valley College prior to her appointment as a missionary nurse to Mozambique. International health was the dominant focus of her professional career. She developed and implemented educational programs for health professionals around the world. Now retired, she resides in northern New Mexico with her husband and three dachshunds.

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The photos posted on the Outskirts Press touting the shoes looked good, but I had reservations about how well the cover of my book would be portrayed and the clarity of the lettering for the title and my name.  Much to my delight the cover design is very clear and the words are quite legible.  They are fun to wear and show people, if they haven’t noticed them first. It was very impressive that the shoes could accommodate my orthotic making them comfortable for me to wear.  While this pair will not be a shoe for me to wear every day, they’ll be very good for special events and other times when you want to have some fun promoting your book.  I ordered a second pair as a gift for someone who is doing a lot to assist me in promoting my books in another part of the country.

I encourage everyone to consider ordering a pair of shoes, if not for yourself then as a gift for someone helping you.

~Jonna-Lynn Mandelbaum



Unpredictable Crossing is set entirely upon a modern-day cruise ship. But at the core of the novel is the December 1972 massacre in the small village of Wiriyamu at the hands of the Portuguese military. Tristeza, then 12, lost her whole family in the bloody rampage. Now a staffer aboard the ship on its way to Lisbon, Tristeza encounters a passenger whose face is seared into her mind: Col. Perreira, the man who ordered the killings.

In a remarkable twist of fate, Amanda Allmond, a former American missionary nurse in Mozambique during the war, is also on board. Chance encounters lead to the unraveling of Col. Perreira’s carefully constructed exterior – and the flooding back of painful memories for both Amanda and Tristeza. As the two women rekindle a long-lost association, they will soon discover three decades’ passing haven’t subdued the violence inside Col. Perreira.

Now, fate has left them no choice to try to expose his long-buried shame. Col. Perreira will stop at nothing – not even murder – to maintain the silence that has followed that brutal day.

Based on the true story of the crime that has been called “Mozambique’s My Lai,” Unpredictable Crossing shines a light on this underreported chapter in world history. But the book’s combination of forceful narrative and crackling dialogue will ensure it’s forgotten no longer. 


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