Our Lips Are Sealed: Outskirts Press’s Confidentiality Pledge

Outskirts Press holds a lot of things dear: our authors, your books . . . and your privacy. This starts the moment you first reach out to us and doesn’t ever stop!

We never share your contact information.

Some self-publishing companies allow “partner companies” to email their authors. Outskirts Press never shares, rents, or sells our email lists. So when you sign up to talk with us—you’re only signing up to talk with us.

We don’t discuss your idea or book outside of Outskirts Press.

Your brilliant business strategy, your grandmother’s top secret meat loaf recipe, your emotional life story, the novel, the children’s book, the perfectly researched history—your book is yours, whether it includes something revolutionary and never before revealed or is “just” a great yarn. You can trust us to hold that with the respect and privacy it deserves. (And remember: you, as the author, always retain 100% of your rights and copyrights to 100% of your manuscript and other materials.)

We don’t even discuss your general publishing interests outside of the office.

Outskirts Press doesn’t share with other companies that you’ve been talking to us about editing, that you seem interested in full-color printing, or that you ask a lot of questions about covers. Your plans, process, and queries are yours—shared with us, we hope, so that we can help you with them.

Speaking of covers, we consider your book’s design top secret until you’re ready to reveal it.

We hold that private because, as you understand by now, that’s just the right thing to do. It’s also smart business—your perfectly timed cover reveal will be part of your marketing strategy!

OK, wonderful, you may be thinking—but how do you really, really know we lock our lips and throw away the key? Maybe the most important proof we can offer is this: Outskirts Press has been in the book self-publishing industry for over 20 years. We simply couldn’t have done that without happy author clients whose trust in us was met with our respect for them

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