Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: James Garrett

It takes talent, determination and persistence to start and finish a self-publishing venture. We at Outskirts Press have always admired the gumption of our authors. That’s why we believe it’s important to recognize dedicated self-publishing authors who stuck it out, and stuck with us, through thick and thin to make their dreams of authorship come true. To that end, we take a little time each week to shine our Self Publishing Author Spotlight on one of our many accomplished authors.

This week Outskirts Press proudly features fiction writer James Garrett, self-publishing author of Benicia and Letters of Love, The Mansion Stories and Chief Salt.

James Garrett was born in Santa Rosa, California. Shortly before he was five years old, his family moved to Author James GarrettBenicia, California. He enjoyed growing up in the small town atmosphere. He attended local schools and graduated from Benicia High School in 1961. After serving four years in the U.S. Navy, he enrolled at San Francisco State University, graduated, and earned his teaching credential. He taught at Benicia High School for 27 years before retiring. During retirement he found enjoyment in writing stories and poetry. He has won awards for his poetry, some of which has been published and read around the world. He has been married to Roberta, who he met in their high school journalism class, for over forty years.

Benicia and Letters of LoveBenicia and Letters of Love

Your heart will relate to these letters of love.

The letters in Benicia and Letters of Love read so authentically they could be about any town in the United States. We all know people, who have found love or lost love, and feel a connection, positive or negative, to the city where the experience took place. James Garrett chose to use the city of Benicia, where he grew up and currently resides, as the focus of his first published novel.

The novel is a collection of letters written in response to a newspaper advertisement inviting individuals to share the stories of their love. The love is written of in many ways: same race or mixed race, male/female, male/male, female/female, and young/old, to name a few. Each letter has its own style and approach in describing a facet of the emotion called love. Every letter will draw you in and hold your attention to the end, as its personal story unfolds.

The Mansion StoriesThe Mansion Stories

In his second novel, a collection of three unique yet connected stories, the award-winning poet has woven his poetry within the prose to fully reveal the feelings and emotions of the characters. The poems add texture to the loving narration. This technique is a departure from his earlier novel, which was made up of many “letters” written about love connected to the City of Benicia. But, he still continues to write based on experiences he has had throughout his life. In The Mansion Stories each story is an adventure unto itself but the thread of love flows through them all and ties them together. The author’s first novel, Benicia and Letters of Love, continues to reach hearts. If you enjoy enchanting stories of love, you will want to read The Mansion Stories. Perhaps it will touch the romantic soul in you.

Chief SaltChief Salt

Anyone who knows of the connection held by “buddies,” “brothers in arms” and those in love, will quickly grasp the concept and depth of Chief Salt.

“With both poetry and prose, James Garrett artfully tells an unflinching tale about hard lessons in duty, courage, love and loss. With humor, wit, and incredible intensity, Garrett’s characters come to life. Chief Salt is an outstanding novel!” – Micah Larripa, Captain, USMC, Iraq Combat Veteran

“The writing from each character’s point of view is incredibly human. I know who they are, and where they come from. I loved how James Garrett brought their past into the present. He presented them with honest traits, both good and not so good. The poetry makes the characters come alive. The pause brought on a moment to reflect. I akin it to the music or soundtrack in a movie during a background scene. As an Army wife, though my husband is not in the Special Forces, I read this with a compassion for these men. I have the understanding of their love for Country, and the institution that protects it.” – Tiffany Johnson, 1st Lieutenant, Nurse, U.S. Army, (Active Duty 1998-2002)

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