Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Carol Rogne

Outskirts Press works hard to help self-publishing authors make their dreams come true, and we’ve had had the good fortune to work with many talented and successful individuals over the years. For that reason, it’s important to give a nod to the authors who’ve, in turn, contributed to our success. Every now and then, we celebrate one of our successful authors in our Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.

This week Outskirts Press proudly features author Carol Rogne, self-publishing author of several religion and spirituality books, including One Canoe, Many Paddles and Twelve Step Spirituality and Religion

Carol Rogne, Ph.D. is a state and national licensed counselor and a school psychologist in a public school. She has written several books in the area of mental health: self-esteem, the difficult emotions of anger and guilt, and power used abusively to control others in relationships. She offers empowerment resources on her web-site, This book is dedicated to Dolly Morse, a living angel that walks among us.

One Canoe, Many PaddlesVigilante Caretaker — Healing and Living Our Spirit

Healing and Living our Spirit offers practical and easy-to-understand guidance for the process of emotional healing, so that we can live in greater harmony with ourselves and others. A crucial step in our healing involves removing harmful false beliefs, resentments, and ways of thinking that are negative, fear-based and limited. Having removed what is sabotaging our lives, we can then create a life with more positive ways of thinking, behaving and relating. This will enable us to move closer to optimal health on all levels of our being: the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. One Canoe, Many Paddles – Healing and Living Our Spirit, describes the personal growth journey from different viewpoints. Offering life skills that enhance our effectiveness and reduce stress. The book delves into many spiritual principles, including the Twelve Step Program, and suggests ways of expressing, celebrating and living our spirit with gratitude.

Rom and the Promised LandWho’s Controlling You? Who Are You Controlling? Strategies for Change

Considered one of the best books ever written on power used to control others, this book defines emotional and mental control as interpersonal violence that creates trauma in the emotional lives of adults and children.

You will be empowered by the topics:
• The many ways that power is used to control others.
• Characteristics of controllers and the people they control.
• Strategies for positive change:
• Protecting ourselves from emotional abuse.
• Confronting, rather than enabling controllers’ manipulative, life-diminishing tactics.
• Re-claiming and designing our life based on personal choices, values, beliefs and goals.
• Surrendering controlling behaviors if we are controlling others.
• Restoring relationships damaged by controlling behaviors.

We can recover from the emotional devastation of being controlled. Our empowerment journey will result in becoming a healthy person and parent and end with a message to share, especially with our next generation, that we all have certain rights,among them being, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Anger and Guilt: Our Foes and FriendsAnger and Guilt: Our Foes and Friends

Both anger and guilt can be experienced as enemies or friends. While anger is abusive when it is expressed aggressively, it is a legitimate and appropriate response to emotional, mental, physical, or sexual abuse. Healthy anger is also a stage in the grieving process. The guilt that we generate by our irrational thinking is life diminishing. In contrast, healthy guilt prompts us to change dysfunctional behaviors and make amends when our actions have hurt others. Topics presented in this practical, easy-to-read book include:
• Anger and guilt are controlling behaviors that can be confronted assertively.
• Anger and guilt alert us to areas in our life that need changing.
• Anger and guilt strategies can transform our lives and enhance our relationships. By growing in awareness, we can discard the belief that anger and guilt are enemies that sabotage our life. Rather, we can appreciate these emotions as supportive friends who provide us with valuable information to help us navigate more effectively through life.

Self-Esteem: Respecting and Valuing OurselvesSelf-Esteem: Respecting and Valuing Ourselves

Healthy, authentic self-esteem positively affects our emotional, mental, and physical health. We respect and value ourselves, feel competent, think clearly, manage our emotions and behaviors; and create a life that is creative and purposeful. In contrast, low self-esteem creates a vulnerability to addictions, emotional distress and dysfunctional behaviors that are harmful to ourselves and others. Low self-esteem is not our fault, but it is our struggle. Believe it or not, you are not alone:
• If you feel unworthy and incompetent
• If you magnify your shortcomings and minimize your strengths
• If you are critical of yourself and feel driven to be perfect
• If it is difficult to respect and value yourself
• If you believe, “There is something wrong with me.” Self-Esteem—Respecting and Valuing Ourselves offers a practical self-esteem recovery and empowering process that has been life-changing for many people. We can move beyond low self-esteem feelings, and truly believe that we are lovable and capable and one of God’s miracles!

Twelve Step Spirituality and ReligionTwelve Step Spirituality and Religion

Increasingly, people are describing themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” While religious affiliation is decreasing, spirituality is on the rise.

This book describes differences between the Twelve Step Spiritual Program and the organized religion of Christianity from the viewpoint of a Christian lay-person. Though the Twelve Step Spiritual Program and organized Christianity have different approaches, different experiences and different outcomes, Christianity and the Twelve-Step Program could come together, and agree that the best way to worship God is living a life in harmony with spiritual principles, such as honesty and love; living in gratitude; and sharing our resources with people who struggle with poverty, dysfunction, and powerlessness. Working together, organized religion and Twelve-Step Programs can send a strong message that there is help for people struggling with addictions, addictive activities and other life challenges.

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