New York Times to showcase Outskirts Press books

The December 13th issue of the New York Times Book Review focuses on the top 10 books of the year. This issue follows the Holiday Buyer’s Guide issue of December 6th. Each edition of the New York Times Book Review represents an opportunity for self publishing authors to get in front of over 4 MILLION book readers.

For the following 12 Outskirts Press authors, the December 13th edition promises to be an exciting one, when these 12 books will appear toward the front of the New York Times Book Review section:

With any extensive amount of exposure, progressive self-publishing authors are well-advised to start laying the ground work early, either through the distribution of a new press release, or by contacting bookstores where the media exposure will take place. In this case, New York City bookstores would be a good target for direct sales efforts. For instance, NY City’s largest independent bookstore chain is Strand Books and their website is at

All these books, and other Outskirts Press titles, are available from all major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books A Million, and others, plus conveniently from the Outskirts Press bookstore at (or in quantities of 10 or more for full wholesale trade discounts at Outskirts Press Direct (where the retailer saves money and the author still get their full royalty):

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Book Review Submission for Self-Published Authors

Book Review Submission Service

We have identified 10 book reviewers who, in our experience, have all demonstrated a tendency in the past to review alternatively published and self-published books.

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As always, remember that no one (including the author nor Outskirts Press) has any control over whether a book reviewer agrees to write a review, decides to share a review that is written, or what the review will say (positive or negative). Participation in the Book Review Submission Service in no way implies that a review will be written or that a review will be positive. On the other hand, positive reviews on popular websites and blogs or within popular journals can improve
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