Best Book of the Year Finalists Announced

Last year Outskirts Press announced a new contest recognizing the best in self-publishing: its own Best Book of the Year Award.  This award identifies the overall best book Outskirts Press publishes each year.  One of the requirements to be considered for the Best Book of the Year Award is to win an EVVY Award.  Those winners were displayed in yesterday’s blog posting. 
From among the most recent EVVY Award winners, Outskirts Press selected three books as Best Book of the Year 2010 finalists.  Those books and their respective authors were identified and notified yesterday.  Please join us in publicly congratulating them today:
The Key To Job Success In Any Career, by Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D.


  Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D., after a distinguished 30 year business career with three multinational corporations and nine jobs-culminating in the position of Group President- re-tooled himself by returning to school and obtaining his Ph.D. Frank then became a nationally recognized university professor of marketing while founding his own global management consulting company. He and his wife reside in South Carolina and spend time traveling to visit and spoil their nine grand-children- two in Australia.

 In The Key to Job Success in Any Career, Leibold develops six scientifically validated Lifelong Transferable Competencies (LTCs) that are required for success in any job or career. He then offers over 60 practical suggestions on how you can enhance your future employment options by developing your own LTCs to improve your career transitions and influence.

More about The Key to Job Success in Any Career and its author will be posted on this blog on April 11th.  And everyone can play a role in determining who wins the Best Book of the Year award and its $1,500 Grand Prize by participating in the open poll on this blog on April 15th.

 Psych Consults, by Robert J. Mignone, M.D., F.A.P.A.

For decades, Robert J. Mignone, M.D., F.A.P.A., has helped people bounce back from all kinds of crises. A top-ranked psychiatrist in southwest Florida, Dr. Mignone has been called a gifted and inspirational speaker—in person and on TV. A two-time cancer survivor, Mignone shares his experiences in Ordinary Valor: How Cancer Saved My Life, Not Once, But Twice. He is also the author of Psychiatric Injury: Evaluation and Treatment of Psychiatric Impairment and Damages.
Full of practical information backed up by decades of experience, Dr. Mignone’s Psych Consults is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health. This scholarly yet accessible book is designed for any adult seeking to recognize and treat everything from depression to specific issues faced by children and seniors.
More about Psych Consults and its author will be posted on this blog on April 12th.  And everyone can play a role in determining who wins the Best Book of the Year award and its $1,500 Grand Prize by participating in the open poll on this blog on April 15th.
The Beads of Lapis Lazuli, by Doris Kenney Marcotte

 Doris Kenney Marcotte has turned decades of studying Minoan civilization into two novels. She has researched at the Athens National Museum, the Heraklion Archeological Museum on Crete, and the British Museum in London, among others. She lives in River House in New Richmond, Ohio, and Hilltop House in Wyoming, Ohio.

 The Beads of Lapis Lazuli is part mystery and part psychological drama as it mixes history, obsession, and the paranormal for an exhilarating read. Bridging time and space, the story is about seeking truth, taking control of our lives and discovering the unknown strength within each of us.

More about The Beads of Lapis Lazuli and its author will be posted on this blog on April 13th.  And everyone can play a role in determining who wins the Best Book of the Year award and its $1,500 Grand Prize by participating in the open poll on this blog on April 15th.

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