The best in self-publishing gets free publication in December

It could happen for you if your book is the BEST manuscript submitted for publication with Outskirts Press in December 2009.

Outskirts Press will pay for your publishing package & give you an advance if you are the talented author of the BEST book submitted for publication in December.

Traditional publishing is SO last year! Only with Outskirts Press can one talented author get published for free AND keep 100% of the rights to the book and 100% of the profits of the book sales. That’s a better deal than traditional publishing (and better odds, too!).

We are rewarding one talented author with a free publishing package and an advance!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Simply submit your manuscript for publication during the month of December.
  2. Select and pay for the Diamond, Pearl, or Ruby publishing package during the valid promotion date (Dec 1 – 31, 2009).
  3. Be sure to include the promotion code when purchasing your publishing package: TRAD09DEC

If our evaluation department determines your final published book to be the BEST book we publish from among all the manuscripts we receive in December, you will receive a credit to your Author’s Center account of 110% of your publishing package cost.

That is like publishing for free AND receiving an advance.

The winning author will be notified once the book is published; a credit equal to 110% of the book’s publishing package cost will be credited to the winning author’s Author Center account.

The BEST book will be publicly announced and promoted in 2010. Will it be yours? There’s only one way to find out. Submit your manuscript to Outskirts Press for publication today and choose from among the Diamond, Pearl, or Ruby publishing packages.  

There are already 100 good reasons to publish your book with Outskirts Press. Now there are 110.   

Receive a 110% refund of your publishing package cost credited
to your account if you are the author of the BEST book submitted
in December.

Start Publishing

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Be sure to include the valid promotion code above when your shopping cart asks you if you have a code.  Promotions will not be honored without the required promotion code.  Then click the “Update” button to activate your promotion code while inside your shopping cart. The publishing package must be paid in its entirety within the promotion period to receive the promotion detailed herein and promotions/discounts may not be combined.

6 thoughts on “The best in self-publishing gets free publication in December

  1. OutSkirtsPress,

    My will be ready before the end of the month,but I cann’t foot the cost till I get My IncomeTax or My Bonus which ever one comes first !!!

    My Poetry Book is one like the world has Never read yet,I have some of My Peoms turned to Songs and Got and “AWARD” in NashVille in June with My Songs !!!

    I have Written The Best Peom Book in The World,and will have #1 Country Hits come out of My Book of Peoms !!!

    I might miss the Submitting of My Book to WIN but I’ll get it out there soon !!!

    GOD BLESS!!!

  2. I have already submitted by manuscript to Xlibris and it is on it’s way to publication. I have already started on my next book, maybe I will consider your offer when it is completed.

  3. hi i am finished with a kids book of 36 pages ; 16 pictures and the cover already done . Editing is also done . just needs o print and go. need prices on details and pachages would like book in stores and on line demand printing also . please email me back.
    thank you ;

    mary lynne wilburn

  4. I am writing a series of 5 Small Books. I have completed 3 of them already and I working on the 4th Book. I can finish the last 2 books by next week. Thank you I am ready to publish these small books. My Largest Book will not be ready until the end of this month to publish.

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