Are You An Award-Winning Self-Publishing Author? Show off Your Award Win!

Have your book recently (or not so recently) won an award? Did you know that entitles you to “bragging rights?”

It’s only natural to want to share your accomplishments with the reading and writing community. Sharing these accomplishments publicly can often mean the difference between “okay” book sales and “amazing” book sales. Statistically few published books win awards. If your book has won an award, shout it from the roof tops, add it to your cover, and showcase it on your webpages.

Speaking of which, now Outskirts Press authors can take advantage of our new Award Recognition Webpage Enhancement option. With this new option, we will format an award graphic (just like the ones we use for your award-winning printed book cover with our Cover Recognition option) into your Outskirts Press author webpage.

This comes just in time for winner announcements in recent book awards, as most contests will be announcing winners soon (if they haven’t already). However, this is also a nice way to spruce up your author webpage if you’ve already won an award in the past.

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“This is my second book published by Outskirts Press. If my future should include a third, I would definitely choose OP once again! Colleen was always prompt and clear in answering my questions!”

Linda M. Hanahan is a graduate of Western Illinois University and a retired elementary school teacher. Her first book, Touched From Above, was published in 2009. She and her husband Bob currently live in Florida. They have two grown children.
– Linda Hanahan, author of The Journey Continues

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Colorado Independent Publishers Association Recognizes Nine Self-Publishing Authors With Outskirts Press in the 17th Annual EVVY Awards

Outskirts Press, the fastest growing self-publishing and book marketing company, leads the way with the most award-winning books at the 17th Annual EVVY Awards book competition.

March 29, 2011. Denver, Colorado – In its 17th year, the 2011 EVVY Awards ceremony was held Saturday night by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) to recognize excellence in self-published and independently published books from Colorado publishers. Entries are judged by a panel of independent judges who are experts and professionals in their respective category fields.

Categories included autobiography/memoirs, biography/history, business/finance, fiction, how-to, inspirational, self-help, juvenile, legacy, non-fiction experiences, poetry, political/social, spirituality/religion, workbooks and travel. Each category can award a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place EVVY award, along with honorable mentions (Merit Awards).

For the sixth consecutive year, Outskirts Press led the way with the most award-winning books among participating publishers with two 1st place awards, one 2nd place award, one 3rd place Tech award, and five Merit Awards.

The 2011 EVVY Award-winners from Outskirts Press are:

  • The Beads of Lapis Lazuli by Doris Kenney Marcotte – 1st Place, Fiction
  • The Key to Job Success in any Career by Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D. – 1st Place, Self-Help
  • The Rise and Fall of Captain Methane by Dorcey Alan Wingo – 2nd Place, Autobiography
  • I Am Equus by Duaa Anwar – 3rd Place, Tech Award, Cover Design
  • Art, Experience and Faith by William Squires – Merit, Spirituality
  • One Wacky Wasp by Brent Sampson – Merit, Children’s
  • Psych Consults by Robert J. Mignone, M.D., F.A.P.A. – Merit, Self-Help
  • Queen Vernita Meets Sir Heathy Bean by Dawn Menge and Heath Rhoades – Merit, Children’s
  • Whispers of Joy by Joy Andreasen – Merit, Spirituality

Outskirts Press EVVY Award winner Doris Kenney Marcotte says, “Thank you Colorado Independent Publishers Association and your judges for selecting my book, The Beads of Lapis Lazuli, to receive the 1st Place EVVY Award for Fiction. I feel very honored.  A special thank you goes to the talented production staff at Outskirts Press for helping me turn my words and my vision into an award winning book. This has been a wonderful experience, one that I will never forget.”

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Reader Views Literary Award Winners in Self-Publishing Announced

The Reader Views 2010 Literary Award Winners have been announced!

Congratulations to all Outskirts Press authors who won.  Here is the full list by category:

Early Reader (6-8)

The Adventures of PJ and Pea, Vol II, by S.D. Moore – 1st Place

PJ and Split Pea

Young Reader (8 to 12)

Queen Vernitas Meets Sir Healthy Bean the Astronomer, by Dawn Menge and Heath Rhoades – 1st Place

Queen Vernita Meets Sir HeathyBean the Astronomer

Same Ol’ Moon, by Pamela Noel – 1st Place

Same Ol Moon


Tearing Down The Wall, by Sharon M. Katzman- 2nd Place

Tearing Down the Wall


The Keya Quests, by Glen Skinner – 2nd Place

Keya Quests

General Fiction/Novel

The Union, by Rowena Portch – Honorable Mention

The Union

The Valley of Ashes, byEli Thorpe – 1st Place

The Valley Of Ashes

Historical Fiction

Behind the Columns, by Arlette Gaffrey – 2nd Place

Behind the Columns


Command Influence, by Robert A. Shaines – Honorable Mention

Command Influence


Letters from Wheatfield, by Patrick Shannon – Honorable Mention

Letters from Wheatfield

Stalking the Dragon, by Kregg P. J. Jorgenson – 1st Place

Stalking the Dragon


Philosophy: Back to Basics, by Ronnie Lee – Honorable Mention

Philosophy Back to Basics

Religion (Eastern/Western)

Outlook for a Better Life, by Haile Gebre Egziabher – 2nd Place

Outlook for a Better Life


He Blew Her a Kiss, by Angie Pechak Printup & Kelley Stewart Dollar – Honorable Mention

He Blew Her a Kiss

Reflective Empowerment, by Philip Guy Rochford – 2nd Place
*plus Walsh Seminar Award for Best Personal Growth Book

Reflective Empowerment

One additional special award – Sworn to Secrecy by Charles Joseph Fickey – won the Richard Boes Award

Sworn to Secrecy

Also, Rambling Squirrel by Wendy Laird won 1st Place in the Early Reader category (6-8) and the Feather Quill Be Kind to Animals Award.  This cover will be featured soon as the author is currently revising the book to perfection.

Congratulations to all our winners! Since Outskirts Press publishes so many award-winning books, we make it easier than ever to promote your award with our Award Recognition Cover Enhancement option. For details and to order, visit the Marketing Options screen of your author’s center, or click the link above or the icon to the right.

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Everything you want to know about the EVVY Book Awards for Self Publishing Authors

Here is the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW about the EVVY Book Awards…


Who sponsors the EVVY Awards? The EVVY Awards are named in honor of the first president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association; and CIPA continues the tradition of recognizing excellence in self-published books with their annual EVVY Book Awards.


What are the EVVY Awards? The EVVY Awards recognize excellence in self-published books. Each year, every Diamond and Pearl book published by Outskirts Press is considered for EVVY Award eligibility. Less than 5% of the books we publish become finalists for official Outskirts Press nomination.


Where are the EVVY Awards held? The EVVY Awards Banquet and Awards Ceremony are held in Denver, Colorado in March of each year.


When are books nominated? Books are nominated for submission to the EVVY Awards in the fall of the year of their copyright. For example, books with a copyright date of 2009 are considered for official Outskirts Press nomination in the fall of 2009.


Why should you be interested in winning an EVVY Award?  Winning an award is one of the most recognized and effective methods of differentiating your book from the masses.   Along with the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from winning the award, Outskirts Press Officially Nominated EVVY Award-winning authors receive a variety of marketing and promotional materials, opportunities, and prizes. Depending upon the placing of your book among the winners, you may receive some or all of what is listed below:

  • Marketing materials like bookmarks and placards (all winners)
  • 50 cover stickers (1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners)
  • A framed award featuring the cover of your book (1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners)
  • Bonus blog and newsletter exposure (all winners)
  • An invitation to be featured in national advertising (selected nominees)

Framed awards for the 6 First Place Outskirts Press Books

How do you win an EVVY Award? In order to be considered for an official Outskirts Press EVVY Nomination, your book must be published with either the Diamond Publishing Package (for black/white) or the Pearl Publishing Package (for color).  Having a custom cover and professional editing services significantly increases your chances for consideration.
How do you promote your award-winning book once you have won an EVVY (or any) book award?  This is the subject of tomorrow’s blog posting…
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Official Outskirts Press EVVY Nominees

Every fall, Outskirts Press officially nominates the top 5% of its published titles for the Annual EVVY Book Awards.  This year’s black-tie banquet and awards ceremony takes place March 28th in Denver, Colorado, hosted by the Denver-area’s #1-rated morning talk show co-host, Dom Testa of the “Dom & Jane Show.”

Stay tuned on Monday to see the Outskirts Press award-winners posted right here, from among the official nominees below. Congratulations to all our current (and past) EVVY nominated books. Just being nominated is a great honor. 

EVVY Nominations (and particularly wins) are very competitive.

Title Author
Fixer Ed Brodow
Piccolo, the Gray Robe Robin M. Ambrozic
An Unlikely Place for Love Ruth Ann Nordin
Winning Strategies to Ace the Job Interview Barbara Hanks
Far Above Rubies Laurenda Salandy
Glorified Chicken Coops Tanya I. Cole
What To Do When You Become The Boss Bob Selden
Title Author
Stella Ducktropolis Charlotte Barnes
Arlington’s Dream Diane Marie McCarthy
Who’s There? Sandra Jones Cropsey
Walking Through Walls Two Lenz
Certain Mercies Daril Bentley
Title Author
The Wizard’s Legacy Ashley Simmons
A Guide For Tortured Souls Jeanne du Soleil
Memoirs of a Cold War Colonel William MacArthur
Title Author
Who’s Steering George A. Eddy
Azulejo Daphne A Oberon 
Heal Depression Yourself! Randy G. Sorter, MA, LPC, NCC
EverWing MJ Grothoff
One Night Stand Betty Shafer
Haints Nash Black
The Land of Carina Carol Garton
Hanover Easy Debra P. Whitehead
Title Author
Stay 40 Richard Lippman
Earth School 101  Alan Arcieri 
Lioness of the Clan Anthony Isoh
Title Author
The Little Woman Handbook Cheryl Hattrup
Queen Vernita’s Visitors  Dawn Menge 
What Can We Do Next? Toula Magi
Gene the Pumpkin Man Carol Rhodes
Pathway to Pre-Algebra Proficiency  Susan Mercer 
Christine Laffer: Tapestry and Transformation  Carole Greene 
Adventures in Publishing Brent Sampson
Title Author
Through The Knot Hole Winston S. Nurse
The Crow’s Nest:  Flight Of Phantoms Karen Lynn S.
Living and Practicing by Design Dr. John Hayes, Jr.
The Shady Nook Pageant J. L. Durnin
Family Secrets R. A. Siracusa 
The PTA Carol Olson & Cherie Rodgers
Title Author
My Time on the Clock Wm. Joseph McFarland
Utopia Texas Betty Byrd
The Coronado Brief Justin Dwinnell
Red Sky Morning Andrew J Rafkin
Whitie’s Gold H. D. Williams
Fatal Waters Iris Moss
Title Author
Surviving Love in War M.A. Cary
Clone’D’ Bert Hunnersen
Peaceful Endings Michael K. Tucker
His Name Was Donn Evelyn Sweet-Hurd
The Next Falling Empire Marc Boyajian
A Pawn of Fate Rita Keeley Brown
Become Unstoppable  Lee Witt 
A Worthy Legacy Tomi Akinyanmi
Little Stories Jeff Roberts
Title Author
The Lemurian Darin Williams
Betrayal Norman Chance
Outside the Lavendar Closet Martha A. Taylor
Female Empowerment – A Personal Journey Kim Goff

Yes, every publisher wants their books to win awards, but at Outskirts Press, not only do our authors win, but so do our production team members.  Outskirts Press book designers, cover designers, and author representatives of EVVY Award-winning books receive cash bonuses if the book they worked on wins an award. In other words, our production team is  motivated to make every single book we publish an Award-winning book.

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