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It’s easy to overlook the importance of your author bio on your book cover. Often, author bios are tucked away on the back cover or at the bottom of some articles you’ve written. Yet, an effective author bio is mandatory if you’re self-publishing a book and want to make writing a career.

If you have no author bio at all, readers may be puzzled by its absence, but if your bio is bad, your potential buyers may simply change their mind about purchasing your book.

Thankfully, composing an author bio is way easier than writing a whole book. First and foremost, keep your bio brief (between 50-150 carefully crafted words).

Another important convention is to write your bio in the 3rd person point-of-view rather than in 1st person. While you want your writer’s voice to shine through, 3rd person grants your bio an air of professionalism, and allows you to “brag” without sounding immodest. “Judy Smith is the recipient of several Book-of-the-Year Awards” sounds much better than “I’ve received several “Book-of-the-Year Awards,” doesn’t it?

If you’re writing non-fiction, you want your bio to mention your expertise, and mentioning your education probably couldn’t hurt. Even outside of academia, it’s nifty to show-off any higher degrees you may have, such as an MFA or a Doctorate.

If you’re writing fiction, mentioning your relevant life experience in your bio is useful. For example, if you’re writing a novel about running, readers will buy into your story more readily if you’ve run a few marathons yourself.

A common way to add a personal touch to the bio is to share information about your family. Avoid charting out your entire life story. Instead, stick to where you’re currently living (unless a previous residence pertains to your book’s subject). With regards to your family, only mention what you’re comfortable with (and what they’re comfortable with). For example, some authors are happy to say they have a wife, a teenager, and a turtle. Other authors will omit that personal information altogether.

Remember that your bio doesn’t just exist on the back cover of your book. You can, and should, use the same bio in your marketing, such as your author webpage, your Amazon sales page, and on your various social media platforms, etc.

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