Introducing Self-Publishing Author David D. Bernstein’s Book Video Trailer for “Mirror City”

A fantastic journey begins

James has anger issues. He is always mad at his family—and at most everything else. One day he is sent to his room as punishment, which makes him mad, but he has no idea that an amazing adventure is about to begin! When James is thrown into a parallel world where nothing is as it seems, will this world change him for the better and solve his anger issues—or will it make things worse?

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David Bernstein is an energy healer and children’s book author who has worked with children for many years. He is the author of an award-winning middle grade trilogy called The CORT Chronicles: The Portal, Spirral, and Rebirth. He wrote two books in a self-help trilogy: The Enchanted Rope and Peanut, and Mirror City is the third book in this collection. The author of an award-winning collection of poetry, Voices of the Heart, he has also published poems in magazines and anthologies. Bernstein is the recipient of five Editor’s Choice awards and a proud uncle of two teenage boys.

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