The second finalist for the 2023 Best Book of the Year Award is Carolle M. Dalley, author of A Paradigm Shift

Congratulations to our second finalist for the Outskirts Press 2023 Best Book of the Year award, Carolle M. Dalley!

Her book is the second of three finalists to be announced this week, vying for Outskirts Press’ highest literary honor. The third finalist will be announced tomorrow.

Voting will begin on this blog ( in a public poll starting this Friday, September 15th, and will close promptly on Friday, September 22nd at 5:00 PM Mountain Time.

Everyone’s votes will help determine the winner of the $1,500 Grand Prize, along with a lot of bragging rights. So be sure to come back throughout the week to meet all the finalists and then vote for your favorite starting on Friday.

Allow us to introduce you to our second finalist…

Technology enables a restructure of human thought that is generating a new version of humanity.

“A PARADIGM SHIFT” proposes that humanity is experiencing a transformation which can be seen in several areas of life including technology and psychology. While humans are using technology to perform tasks that steadily increase in complexity, technology is bringing about a restructure of the way humans think. Here is a sequence of events in the relationship between humans and technology:

  • When humans later interact with the digitized task, it brings about a restructuring of the way that humans think about that task.
  • The proliferation of human tasks being offloaded to technology enables an evolving restructure of human thought.
  • As technology digitizes increasingly complex tasks, the restructuring of human thought places Homo Sapiens on a path to generating a new version of humanity.

Trends in technology and psychology have a pervasive influence on the paradigm shift. Gartner Incorporated discerns a technological trend which goes from people becoming literate about technology, to technology becoming literate about people. Wolfgang Giegerich discerns a psychological trend that goes from consciousness growing by expansion, to consciousness growing by reorganization. “A PARADIGM SHIFT” argues that trends in technology and psychology underpin an overarching paradigm shift that is restructuring human thought, while putting Homo Sapiens on the cusp of generating a more complex version of humanity.

About the Author – Carolle M. Dalley

Carolle M. Dalley is a retired Information Technology professional, who pursues an interest in the relationship between technology and psychology. She is the author of “Psyche’s Response To Singularity”.

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