The first finalist for the 2023 Best Book of the Year Award is Marie-Paule Mahoney, author of Orcas Forever

Congratulations to our first finalist for the Outskirts Press 2023 Best Book of the Year award, Marie-Paule Mahoney!

Her book is one of three finalists to be announced this week, vying for Outskirts Press’ highest literary honor. The second finalist will be announced tomorrow.

Voting will begin on this blog ( in a public poll starting this Friday, September 15th, and will close promptly on Friday, September 22nd at 5:00 PM Mountain Time.

Everyone’s votes will help determine the winner of the $1,500 Grand Prize, along with a lot of bragging rights. So be sure to come back throughout the week to meet all the finalists and then vote for your favorite starting on Friday.

Allow us to introduce you to our first finalist…

An educational journey into the world of endangered orcas.
Best Book of the Year Finalist and EVVY Gold Medal Winner!

Orcas Forever is the dramatized story of a true-life event. It opens a window into the hidden lives of the three Southern Resident orca pods that inhabit the waters called the Salish Sea between the northwest coast of the United States, and the southwest coast of Canada.

The story invites young readers to follow the orcas’ daily activities as they prepare to gather for a special celebration. They will learn about the sophisticated ways these orcas communicate, the importance of their strong family ties, and their unique culture playing out beneath the waves.

The Afterword highlights the threats that the nearly extinct orcas confront from human interference and how these threats are linked to some of our environmental problems.

Review: “An affecting and informative book about a remarkable set of aquatic mammals.” — Kirkus Reviews

About the Author – Marie-Paule Mahoney

Marie-Paule Mahoney was born and grew up in Brittany, France, and now lives in the foothills of New York State. She taught French at a Waldorf school and at the State University of New York. She wrote The French Connection and is the co-author of En Français, both beginner courses for learning French.               

When she retired from teaching, she took a greater interest in nature, wildlife and conservation. Her first book, Molly and Babou, was written with her husband, a veterinarian. She followed that up with Coco. The plight of the Southern Resident orcas inspired her to write Whale of Wonder and Orcas Forever.

In teaching French and writing stories, she believes that both her passions are propelled by the same goal–to open windows to the world.

You can visit her at:

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