3 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day

Today is National Book Lover’s Day — now that’s a holiday we can get into. Imagine, a day dedicated solely to people who satisfy their immense curiosity through books!

As a self-publishing author, you’re a driving force behind national days such as this. So, how should you mark the occasion? Here are three ways to celebrate the day with your readers:

  1. Give the Gift of Reading: There’s still plenty of time today to host a book giveaway on social media. Give bookworms in your network of friends a chance to win an autographed hardcopy. Consider giving copies to the first five friends who share or retweet your contest post, or a gift basket with your book, a mug, hot cocoa and other knick-knacks to the person who tags the most friends in the comments section. Oh, and remember to use hashtags such as #NationalBookLoversDay in all related posts.
  2. Feed the Reading Bug: Encourage reading through philanthropy. Donate copies of your book to local libraries in honor of the occasion. Other great places to donate include nursing homes, veteran’s organizations, hospitals and shelters.
  3. Stick Your Nose in a Book: Relaxing with a juicy read is always an option, too! Besides, the best writers are those who are also avid readers. Tuck into a steamy novel or fast-paced mystery. Consider it “personal development.”

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