Featured Author Spotlight: Debbie Boucher

Debbie Boucher has written five novels published by Outskirts Press. She is a retired teacher who lives in the Eastern Sierra of California. When not writing, she plays the violin. She enjoys skiing and hiking with friends and family. For more information go to Debbie’s site on Facebook, Amazon, or http://www.debbieboucher.com.

Otherwise Occupied

Otherwise Occupied is a love story set in Trinidad and Tobago during World War II. Change was brewing before the war, and with its end, the dual-island nation was on its way to independence from British colonialism and American occupation. It is a story that continues to unfold today, and it involves the acceptance of people regardless of race, creed, or color.

The Aunties

Deborah’s career is at a dead end. After a splashy debut with her first novel, she’s languished as a freelancer, her potential unfulfilled. But the death of an elderly aunt provides unexpected source material, as she and her family discover journals and letters that bring to life a colorful and shocking past. The Aunties is a novel within a novel—the story of Deborah’s quest to fictionalize her unexpected legacy. Along the way, she learns more about Marian, her strong-willed grandmother determined to break out of poverty, whose proto-feminism succumbs to the lure of an unwise romance. Her daughters, Deborah’s beloved aunties, reap the harvest of their mother’s mistake as they travel their own journeys. From Gilded Age America to World War II, from plain farm life to high society, from America’s heartland to wild and colorful Brazil, The Aunties is a story of family love and loyalty through adversity.


Oblivia introduces the reader to Dan Mora and Jamie Morgan, Peace Corps volunteers in Bolivia. At a crossroad in their lives, they discover the power of making a difference. Yet when Dan disappears, and Jamie is given the task of finding him, she discovers that nothing is ever as it seems in a country she and Dan have grown to love, a place they call Oblivia.

Millennial Fears

MILLENNIAL FEARS introduces the reader to Jazmín Valdez and Stephanie Bengochea, girls who share everything including their love of a childhood friend, Pedro Garcia. But once Jaz and Steph leave the Eastern Sierra for college, their bonds are tested. Do they marry Pedro, or is he off-limits? Do they return to their hometown to live and work, or do they remain in the big city? And while Jaz and Steph have been raised Catholic, what are their beliefs now that they are adults? Blessed with madrinas, Jaz and Steph struggle with the guidance their female mentors offer as they compete for their hearts and minds. Yet it is only when Angelica, Rosa Rodriguez’s wayward daughter, shows up that Jaz and Steph comprehend the true meaning of being gemelas del alma, or as Steph would say “cosmic twins.”

Back to Normal

BACK TO NORMAL, set in the Eastern Sierra, introduces the reader to Sue Beauchamp whose lie of twenty years is exposed the night her daughter, Michelle, is injured in an accident. To save Michelle’s life, Sue contacts the biological father, John Sadek, a neighbor, for a transfusion. With her secret exposed, Sue’s life unravels. Her husband, Chris, leaves and takes “his” sons with him. John wants a relationship with a child he’s never been allowed to know, and when Michelle discovers the “truth,” she runs away. As Sue attempts to save her own life, BACK TO NORMAL becomes a meditation on truth and lies and the gray area of a love lived in between.

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