Featured Author Spotlight: Jeanne Blanchet – A Journey of Self-Publishing Success

Self-publishing has revolutionized the world of literature, enabling aspiring authors to share their stories with the world without the barriers of traditional publishing. One author who has skillfully navigated this realm and captivated readers with her unique tales is Jeanne Blanchet. With an imaginative storytelling style and a passion for exploring diverse genres, Jeanne has carved a niche for herself in the self-publishing community, leaving a trail of literary wonders behind.

Immortal Beloved
On July 7, 1812 in Teplitz, Austria, Ludwig van Beethoven penciled a ten-page letter to his “Immortal Beloved.” The missive, which was never mailed, was not discovered until after the famous composer’s death. Even today the intended recipient remains unknown and is the topic of heated debate among scholars and music historians. Just who was the mysterious addressee?

In this unique, interactive novella, you, the reader, can take a magic carpet ride back through space and time to ask the master for yourself as he narrates the story of his fascinating, albeit harried, life. This entertaining, fast-paced story by award-winning author Jeanne Blanchet features a surprising ending and will enable readers to develop a deeper appreciation for the passion and struggles of Beethoven—one of the world’s most renowned geniuses.

Forger of Empire
In mid-twelfth-century Mongolia, a boy with brilliant blue eyes was born clutching a blood clot in his fist. Both those rare occurrences were considered signs portending future greatness and power. As a young man, he rose from poverty and obscurity against horrific odds to build the largest contiguous land empire the world had ever known. His father had named him Temüjin, but he became renowned as Genghis Khan.

FORGER OF EMPIRE is based on his incredible story. In this impeccably researched novel, historical fiction author Jeanne Blanchet has provided fascinating insight into the varied facets of this complex conqueror—both positive and negative. Once readers begin this action thriller, they will not be able to put it down.

Man at the Cross Road
Man at the Cross Road is the gripping story of Marcus Casca, the exactor mortis who headed the death squad that crucified Jesus. After serving his army stint, the tough, desensitized legionary returns to Rome, where, unable to readjust to civilian life, he embarks on a twenty-year spree of debauchery and violent crime. His life is altered when, having fainted on the street from a fever, he is rescued by a Christian Jewish couple. Through them, he meets Church fathers Peter and Paul, Aquila and Priscilla, and other prominent figures in the early “Way” movement.

Witnessing the Lord’s Supper, however, he suspects they are cannibals. Additionally convinced they practice sorcery and constitute a potential threat to Roman security, he becomes a government informer, infiltrating their ranks with the intent of gleaning enough evidence to have them arrested, tried, and executed. Little by little, however, the believers’ message of love and salvation works a change in the dissolute thug’s heart. But can he commit? Can he truly believe that Christ died for a despicable sinner like himself? And if so, can he ever dare disclose to his new brethren that it was he who crucified their Jesus? For years he wrestles with these questions. At the novel’s climax, he is offered the money he desperately needs to treat the life-threatening disease he has contracted if he reveals the group’s new secret meeting place, in the process condemning the only friends he has ever known to certain death. Marcus is at a crossroads and must decide once and for all whether he believes. One choice saves his life, the other, his immortal soul.

About Jeanne Blancet and Her Writing Career

Award-winning artist, writer, lecturer and musical performer Jeanne Maxant Blanchet was born in Chicago. After graduating summa cum laude from Northwestern University, she was awarded a prestigious Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for graduate study. She earned an M.A. from Arizona State University and a Ph.D. from Hawaii, spending five additional years in Japan pursuing post-doctoral research. Following a teaching career at various colleges and universities, she is at home in Arizona and Colorado. In her leisure she enjoys playing piano, duplicate bridge, traveling and volunteering. She was married to William Blanchet, an attorney, who passed away in the 1990s. Memberships include P.E.O., National League of American Pen Women, Phi Beta Kappa, Sun Health Foundation and the American Contract Bridge League. Her artwork appears in public and private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her debut novel Terminators: a Saga of Lethal Mind Manipulation over Space and Time was published in April, 2016.

Jeanne’s works are often inspired by a combination of historical events, personal experiences, and a vivid imagination. She meticulously researches the settings and backgrounds for her stories, ensuring they are grounded in historical accuracy and enriched with authentic details. This attention to detail adds depth and realism to her narratives, allowing readers to lose themselves in the worlds she creates.

Jeanne Blanchet’s rise as a self-publishing success story is a testament to the magic of this modern approach to publishing. Embracing the freedom and creative control that self-publishing offers, she has been able to bring her unique visions to life and share them with a global audience. Her ability to craft engaging narratives across multiple genres demonstrates her dedication to storytelling and her commitment to continually exploring new literary horizons.

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