Pack your book’s suitcase!

On the Outskirts Press Global Book Tour, your book will go to the London Book Fair, the Beijing International Book Fair, and the Frankfurt Book Fair! And right now, save 10% on the Global Book Tour. Use promo code: globktour

The good news is that you can stay at home while your book travels. That’s because, with our tour, our publicists do all the on-the-ground work for you! Let our experts:

  • Help you secure literary translation rights, so your book can be in multiple languages and reach more readers!
  • Pitch your book to film and production companies working around the world!
  • Talk to foreign publishers who could release your book in another country!
  • And lots more!

Cash in on this “travel deal,” and take advantage of the 10% off by booking a Global Book Tour now. Enter promo code: globktour at checkout.

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