A Fantastic Book Marketing Idea for a Fantastically Adventurous Novel!

Author M. R. Rodriguez isn’t just thinking outside the box when marketing his novel Moravian Falls—he’s wrapping it in a whole new look!

In this case, the “box” that we’re talking about is his SUV, which he had wrapped in a skin featuring his book cover. A car skin is what it sounds like—a large piece of vinyl that completely covers the vehicle. It looks like a new paint job, but it can be removed—and it allows for not just one color but multiple images and words to be emblazoned across your vehicle. Rodriguez is driving his “DomoMobile,” named for his book’s main character, Dr. Domo, on a cross-country book tour, from Orlando to Seattle and back again.

Moravian Falls: The Fantastic Adventures of Dr. Domo is set in 1965 Dominican Republic. Dr. Domo, a university professor, is called away into the island’s mountains by an ancient behique, or shaman. She passes on to him a magical Taino power—that comes in handy when he returns to Santo Domingo—to find the city in flames from the revolution, his wife missing, and his grandson in danger from evil forces. Can Dr. Domo’s heritage help him save his family during a time of political tumult? Moravian Falls was an EVVY finalist.

We’re excited to hear how Rodriguez’s book tour goes. His unique and bold marketing idea is sure to bring lots of attention to his book—with the added bonus of helping to protect his SUV from scratches on his epic journey.

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