It’s Never Been a Better Time to Self-Publish!

As this Thanksgiving draws near, it’s time to take stock of everything there is to be grateful for. Coming out of a pandemic, continuing to love and laugh through everything . . . and the rich life of being an independent author! Here are just a few reasons we’re thankful to be self-publishing in these exciting times:

  1. E-books. More affordable for authors to produce and accessible to a new group of readers, e-books have opened up a massive sales channel for independent authors.
  2. Social media. Connecting with your local and in-person community remains hugely important to selling books, but social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok now allow indie authors to reach an even larger audience. Author pages can be set up quickly, so you can let others know about your book from the comfort of your home.
  3. Author selling page. An author website can be created for free and with relative ease on many drag-and-drop website-building platforms. Outskirts Press provides an author webpage to every author who publishes with us. This page allows you to start selling immediately—and with no effort by you! You can provide this link to prospective readers so they can purchase your book.
  4. Blogging platforms. Yet another advantage to being an author is that you have the writing skills to produce incredible marketing materials. A personal or professional blog is a great way to raise your profile online, interact with readers, and make valuable connections with others in the publishing industry.
  5. Power of the press. Book announcements have come a long way in recent years. In an instant, a press release distribution service can get your book announcement to thousands of relevant news organizations worldwide. Plus, with the internet as a valuable research tool, you can very quickly gather specific publications and broadcast media to target with personal contact.
  6. Goodreads. Self-published authors can easily use many selling tools on the Goodreads platform to foster relationships with readers, promote your books, and sell more copies.
  7. Support when you need it. Traditional publishing houses typically provide a marketing push upon a book’s release but withdraw support as time goes on. This doesn’t mean the window for success has closed; it only means the publisher no longer supports the author. When you’re in charge—and, as a self-published author, you are in charge—you have the power to tweak your marketing approach until you find the one that works. It’s never too late to market your way to success!

We’re thankful to be part of the modern self-publishing renaissance—and grateful for authors like YOU who are paving the way!

Want to give your self-published book a boost during the holiday book-buying spike? Let Outskirts Press help you market now for a successful season of selling!

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