Fill Your Stomach, NOT Your Inbox, with Holiday Goodies

Email inboxes are extra full these days. In addition to the usual notes and bills, you’re likely getting requests for year-end giving, sales reminders, and, oh yeah, if you don’t mail order that fruitcake by Friday, they can’t promise you’ll have it on time!

To avoid adding to the pile, we will keep our emailing as light as possible this season. At your convenience, check our Promotions Page for up-to-date specials. Please note that we’ve got a few time-sensitive ones coming up—we too want you to keep that New Year’s Resolution to publish! And remember, if you have any questions about publishing, we’ve got a team of experts eager and ready to help. So give us a call or send an email (we all know that fruitcake can wait!).

We’ll still email you with the pertinent details, but so you don’t miss anything, bookmark our Promotions Page and plan to visit it regularly this holiday season.

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