Introducing Self-Publishing Author David Wayne Lusk’s Book Video Trailer for “Invasion of the Roach People, The Story of Failed Desegregation in Dallas”

Announcing the Self Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Invasion of the Roach People, The Story of Failed Desegregation in Dallas (published by Outskirts Press, July 2022), by David Wayne Lusk.

Book Details

After the Civil Rights Act of 1964, David Lusk lived the greater part of his life with African-Americans, and he found it almost impossible to communicate with them. They simply didn’t want to communicate with White people. He gave up in 1975 when a Black neighbor threatened to kill him over a misunderstanding. David witnessed the economic collapse of southern Dallas in the 1980s due to White Flight; during which the City of Dallas became the Crime Capital of the United States. He then saw most of the city transformed by Black Emergence and White Flight as black people merged into other sectors of the city. David saw the very core of Dallas change by the year 2000 because of the Civil Rights Act! He then saw the rebirth of the southern sector during the first two decades of the 21st century as developers returned to south Dallas. They had no place else to go because the rest of the city had been developed! During the early 21st century, Black people who controlled an airport harassed David with aircraft for 20 years because he was a White person jogging in a Black neighborhood. Dallas Police participated in this racial persecution, and the FBI eventually had to step in to stop the police involvement. This unbelievable story is told in Invasion of the Roach People, which David wrote for the benefit of future generations of Whites and Blacks. The future begs for cohesiveness between Whites and Blacks, but can it ever happen?

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