How to Get Amazon Book Reviews

Amazon is a powerful tool when it comes to the book distribution process, and its architects have dedicated lots of resources to creating pathways to connect authors like you with new readers. Unfortunately, not all of those pathways are immediately self-evident to those working on the author’s end of things.

Amazon rewards activity on your Author Central profile page and on your book page listings. This means that the more reviews you have, the more people will be directed to your book via Amazon’s search algorithms, and the more people who will afterward buy and review your book. This creates a positive feedback loop.

But, how do you get book reviews on Amazon? There are some dependable ways to encourage others to review your books by way of free copies or giveaways, for swapping reviews with other authors, and by understanding how Amazon’s Top Reviewers system works.

Amazon makes it easy to share your book listing on social media. You don’t have to copy the link manually; just click the Twitter, Facebook, and other social media icons on your book listing page and follow the prompts to log in and post the link to your followers. And the best part is … every ‘hit’ on your book listing page boosts your online presence and lends weight to your book in Amazon’s search algorithm.

Amazon has also created an easy-to-share book promotion template that you can access directly from your Amazon sales detail page. Simply locate the “share” button and enter the email addresses of up to 400 of those you wish to reach out to.

Lastly, Amazon has created a community within its customers of what it calls “Top Reviewers,” and you can find them here:

Amazon’s search algorithm gives great weight to books that the Top Reviewers review favorably, so its worth your time to contact them. Reaching out to these Amazon influencers can give you a huge boost in traffic if they choose to review your book and rate it highly.

While it’s not a good idea to ignore Amazon’s guidelines by giving your own book a five-star review, you shouldn’t shy away from asking others to! The worst they can say is ‘no,’ and there are plenty who will say ‘yes!’

Interested in learning more about how to get reviews on Amazon and boost your books’ presence on Amazon? If you’re a published Outskirts Press author, you’re in luck! There is a complimentary marketing Tip Sheet in your Publishing Center titled 5 Ways to Get Amazon Book Reviews. It’s worth a read. Here’s what it looks like in your Marketing Resources Bookshelf.

Not a published Outskirts Press author, yet? That’s easy to fix, too!

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