Your Custom Publication Needs a Custom Sales Sheet – Now 10% Off!

In the book marketing game, milliseconds matter. That’s why it is so important to make first impressions count — every time. The Custom Sales Sheet from Outskirts Press cuts through the clutter in the competitive field of book selling to improve your odds of catching the attention of all the right people.

The Custom Sales Sheet beefs up our standard sales sheet with enhanced marketing copy, eye-catching graphics, and professional design — all of which increases your promotional power in many ways:

  • It instantly sets the proper tone and expectations with an image of your book cover and custom graphics that are unique to your book
  • Provides book buyers with everything they need to know to make a purchasing decision and follow through
  • Stands out from other sales sheets so you grab the attention of news editors, radio/TV show producers, book reviewers and more
  • Lends credibility to you and your work

Here is an example of one of our author’s Custom Sales Sheets. See more examples on the order page by clicking the button below, where you can save 10% instantly on your Custom Sales Sheet today with Promo Code: customsales.


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