The votes are in! The winner of the 2018 Best Book of the Year goes to Two Towers!

Our three authors have already won in their categories at the EVVY Awards, but only one can claim our highest honor: Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year!

Selecting a favorite book is no small feat, and each of our authors works deserve to be recognized. T.D. Arkenberg: Two Towers, Katherine S. Egan: Genetics Isn’t Everything, and C. R. Norris: Wasp on the Wind are our top three finalists and we are proud of them and their great achievements.

Our authors have offered you their very best, and you’ve weighed your options and voted for your favorite book for this incredible distinction!

The winner of the 2018 Best Book of the Year award goes to Two Towers by T.D. Arkenberg.

Two Towers

In his poignant memoir, Two Towers, T.D. Arkenberg navigates readers through a personal perfect storm. A resurgence of his father’s long-dormant cancer and chaos at his job in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks serve as the backdrop for a private struggle with a secret hidden for thirty-seven years. The story opens on Christmas Eve, 2001. Alone, he stands in his empty childhood home. Two months earlier, his father succumbed to cancer after a lengthy struggle. Five weeks after that painful loss, his mother’s unexpected death shattered his world. The double-barreled blast toppled his towers of strength and unconditional love at a time he was barely treading water. Only weeks before his parents’ deaths, his professional life descended into turmoil. Nineteen hijackers commandeered four commercial jets, unleashing unspeakable terror on US soil. Two towers collapsed into piles of twisted steel, a dusty grave for thousands of innocent souls. Friends don’t know how he survives. Neither does he, especially with the added burden of a dark secret. As his world starts to crumble, fate offers a lifeline.


About Author T.D. Arkenberg

Two Towers is the fourth book and first memoir from award-winning author T.D. Arkenberg. Independent Publisher Book Awards, Next Generation Indie Book Awards, National Indie Excellence Awards, and Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society have recognized his work. T.D. studied at The University of Chicago, London Business School, and Northwestern University. He lives with his spouse, Jim, and their cat outside Chicago. Visit

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