Vote Now for Your Preferred Delivery of the Book Launch Kit!

We love our authors and are constantly looking for ways to help you succeed. If you’ve published with Outskirts Press, you already know we start you off with a ton of priceless information in our beautiful Book Launch Kit: things like simple marketing suggestions, effective tactics successful authors use to sell, a marketing roadmap, and an easy-to-follow book launch wall calendar with 28 days of doable action items you can check off as you go.

In addition to equipping you with these tools for success, it’s important to us to present them in a format that is most useful to you. For some of you, that may mean a slick hardcopy Book Launch Kit you can keep at your desk; for others, perhaps an emailed electronic document you can print at will—or not at all—is more suitable to your working style. So, let us know how we can deliver a Book Launch Kit that will serve you most effectively in those critical first days …

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