3 Ways to Keep Your Resolution to Publish – with 15% Off + a Free Kindle Edition!

Did you promise yourself you would publish in 2018? If it seems daunting, read on to find out how not only how to publish in 2018, but how to do it quickly and do it more affordably.

Set specific goals. This first step is where most resolutions fail. Instead of resolving “to publish this year,” consider what specific things need to happen to get published. “Write 1,200 words per day from Jan. 1-25” is specific and helps you envision your progress and success.

Make goals ambitious but attainable. Did you identify what’s standing between you and your publishing goals? Make these your mini-resolutions. Resolve to finish your manuscript by the end of the month, or to edit, proofread and submit your manuscript by a specific date.

Hold yourself accountable. Set deadlines for certain tasks and create a system of rewards for meeting your mini-resolutions.

Outskirts Press can help you meet all three of these goals so you can start off the year on the right foot with a resolution kept and money saved. This January, we’re offering 15% OFF Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing PLUS a FREE Kindle Edition of your book! Set a specific goal to finish your manuscript in January, which is ambitious but attainable, then hold yourself accountable by ordering your publishing package before the “rewards” of a promotional discount and gift expire.

To claim this big discount and free Kindle Edition, simply add the Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing package to your cart, enter the promo code SavePlus-Kindle at checkout.

Ready to conquer your self-publishing resolution? Talk with a Publishing Consultant for help choosing the perfect package for you! There are three convenient ways to connect:

  1. Call us at 1-888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS)
  2. Live-chat with us via our website
  3. Go online to schedule an appointment
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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Keep Your Resolution to Publish – with 15% Off + a Free Kindle Edition!

  1. I have had three books published with Outskirts over the past few years. I have two others published with one of your competitors. Last week I spoke with Tina about having Outskirts publish my fourth book with you. She’s offered me a 19% discount for the Ultimate package I want. This is not meant as any criticism of her as she has always treated me kindly, but that means I’m getting a whopping 4% discount for publishing my fourth book with you while a new author is getting a 15% discount. That hardly seems fair and doesn’t speak too highly about Outskirts’ appreciation for my continued business when so many other options are available to me. I’d like to think that I deserve a slightly larger discount or at least a few more free author copies for my continued loyalty. Care to comment?

    Peter Warren

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    1. Hi Peter! Thank you for your comment and I appreciate your concern. Our promotions vary from month-to-month and in general, returning authors do see a greater discount. We do value you as an author and I have asked that Tina contact you directly to help you further. Thank you again.

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