Gift the Gift of Words This Holiday Season!

Have you ever thought about giving books as presents? If you’re an American, chances are that you have. Studies show that Americans just love giving books at Christmas, with 58% of people reporting that they plan on doing so. But that’s not all! Americans love receiving books even more than they love giving them! And Outskirts Press is there to help you make good on your gift-giving dreams as well as your dreams of becoming a children’s book author with its Personalized Children’s Book services for boys and girls!

When you purchase a Personalized Children’s Book, you will become a children’s book author in under 30 days! Even by self-publishing standards, that’s lightning-fast. But this service comes with an extra benefit: you can personalize it to feature the names of children you know.

All you need to do is decide if you’re creating a book for a boy or a girl and start plugging in your preferences. There are three illustration sets to choose from, including several options that celebrate the rich diversity of our authors and readers, and you will also have the option of deciding your book’s title and byline. You also decide the main character’s name, the character’s friend’s name, and the name of a cute little puppy which romps through the narrative at their sides. For only $49, we will make this book the kind of personal memento which best encapsulates your love for the children in your life, and which they will treasure and enjoy for many years to come.

There’s even an option to pay an additional amount to have us publish your book and distribute it with online retailers! That’s right, if you upgrade this book with the “Publish It” option, we will list your book online for others to buy and pay you royalties when they do.

There’s joy to be found in giving a personalized children’s book to someone you know. During the holiday season, a little joy is just what the doctor ordered.

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