If You Aren’t on Social Media, You’re Missing Out

Social media is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to self-published authors. For little to no cost, you can reach thousands of potential readers and connect with other professionals in the industry.

Don’t believe me:

  • As of January 2017, there are 2.8 billion active users on social media
  • There’s been a 22% increase in social media usage in the last year
  • 76% of Americans who use the internet use social media

That’s a lot of people who would be interested in reading your book just waiting to connect with you!

I’ll admit though, social media can be overwhelming. There’s so many different accounts available. How do you start? Which social media sites are worth your time? How do you use these sites to build meaningful relationships with readers? Luckily, there’s help for those who need it.

Outskirts Press offers authors Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media, which gets you started reaching thousands of avid readers. Before you know it, you’ll have high-profile accounts set up for you and established on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WordPress. Not only that but you’ll be connected with relevant users on each platform with a minimum effort on your part. Your target audience will be defined and you can start connecting right away.

Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media could help you if,

You’re confused about social media. How do you post updates and pictures or other relevant and compelling information on social media? Does the method vary between social media platforms? Where do these messages go, and who sees them? If just getting past the basics of social media fills you with anxiety, we can do all the legwork for you.

You’re not sure how to distinguish yourself as an author online. The updates you post as an author are bound to differ from the ones you post just for your friends and family. Your audience — and your reasons for communicating with them — are distinctly different. Your social media guru can help you establish an author presence online that helps you achieve specific marketing goals.

You want to build and maintain an ongoing relationship with your audience. Social media is the ideal way to connect with a target audience on an immediate and consistent basis. Did you just get a glowing book review? Are you working on a sequel? Is your new book ready for release? Want to get the word out about a sale or other special offers? Social media is the place to do that in a timely manner.

Time is not on your side. With your Social Media Author Platform, a few clicks can keep you connected with your audience.

For a limited time, Outskirts Press is offering 10% off Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media! To take advantage of this offer, add the Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media option to your shopping cart and enter the promo code SocialMedia10 at checkout.

Take advantage of the power of the internet, and let Outskirts Press help ensure that your book reaches a broader audience.

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