Finalist #4 for the 2013 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year

Congratulations to T.C. Newman author of  Follow the Light: The Shroud’s Revelations, one of four finalists for the Outskirts Press 2013 Best Book of the Year Award.

The four finalists are being introduced throughout the week on this blog. Public voting will determine which of the four finalists should be awarded the Outskirts Press 2013 Best Book of the Year Award and its $1,500 Grand Prize. Voting is open to everyone and begins on this blog on Saturday, September 6.

The Monster MonroeAs a self-taught artist, T.C. Newman splits her passions between art and family. Her mother was an artist and her father a physicist, so she developed a strong knowledge of art as well as all things mysterious.


The mysteries of the Shroud of Turin are not so difficult to understand; sometimes the hardest things to see are right there in plain sight.

This shocking and enthralling project catapults the reader to a greater understanding of the image formation process of the Shroud of Turin, the most misunderstood artifact known to mankind, yet one of the most rigorously investigated. This Journal is unlike any other publication written about the Shroud. The project details direct, personal, and original research that reveals a fresh new approach. This entertaining chronicle unravels the mysteries of the Shroud’s image, revealing riveting new evidence, which combines science and faith with new information never before realized. Follow the Light, is based on more than 30 years of artistic study, and perseverance, and reveals more scientific truth, than all the other theories and analyses up to date. This is a book that is good for all ages, believers, and non believers, Christian and Scientific alike. It details the project as the author, along with her eight-year old daughter, explore a fascinating journey, while developing a process of decoding the three-dimensional information within the image, resulting in sculptures demonstrating some startling conclusions.

Buy the paperback from Amazon for $13.33
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Every year, Outskirts Press recognizes the best book they publish with their annual Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year award, which must not only win an EVVY Award from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association but must also be recognized as the best book among four finalists.

As one of four finalists, T.C. Newman and her book Follow the Light will be competing head-to-head-to-head with the other three finalists in a public poll on this blog starting on Saturday. T.C. has already demonstrated she has the writing chops to win this prestigious award, as evidenced by her EVVY Award win. Does she have the marketing prowess to make it as the Best Book of the Year author in this digital age? Stay tuned for information on the remaining finalists being announced this week, and then come back on Saturday to vote for the book you believe to be the best among the four.

The author of the winning book will receive a $1,500 credit to his or her Publishing Center, courtesy of Outskirts Press, and an exclusive 2013 Best Book of the Year award seal to apply to the cover of the book.

Are you ready to publish your own award-winning book and perhaps find yourself in the running for next year’s Best Book of the Year award? Get started today.

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