Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Rick Tresnak

Outskirts Press has had the good fortune to work with many talented authors over the years. We feel it’s important every now and then to give a nod to the authors who’ve made us so proud. For that reason, we enjoy featuring an author in our regular Self Publishing Author Spotlight.

This week Outskirts Press proudly features non-fiction writer Rick Tresnak, self-publishing author of Building the Army of God and Promotional Mission Based Management.


Rick Tresnak is an entrepreneur with a lifetime of management experience. He started as a Presidential Medic at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Then progressed through the corporate world in healthcare until he found his calling. He is a small business owner and he operates several companies to this day. His faithful approach to making things simple and the way he creates his corporate culture reflects his character. His family and his God are the two most important things to him. His wife Chris is a true gentle spirit, and his daughter Cassi holds his heart.

Building the Army of GodBuilding the Army of God

This book takes readers through a set of steps in order to build stronger Christian characteristics in themselves. It shows a progressive process going from sheep to leader, leader to warrior, and warrior to prince.

It describes how we as new Christians are called to be sheep and what that means. It then looks at leadership traits in general, showing how being a leader is only a part of being a strong Christian man, and explains how we need to become warriors for Christ and develop our character.

In the end of the book, readers are shown how the responsibilities we have in heaven may require us to reflect on the events and trials of our earthly lives.

The book is set up to be used as a men’s ministry guide, for small group settings or to be used by an individual for personal development. It references Scripture to confirm the ideals of the author. It has been written in an easy flowing format so anyone can understand it.

Promotional Mission Based Management

Promotional Mission Based Management

Have you ever looked at corporate America and thought to yourself, “How did we ever get so far down the wrong road?” Our motivation is all wrong and we have lost focus on the things that matter! Why subscribe to another management theory that has been repackaged, when you can develop your own company theory?

Promotional Mission Based Management takes basic truth and gives you the tools to create a better work environment for yourself, your employees and your customers!

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