Self-Publishing Authors Receive 10% Off Virtual Book Tour Today

Outskirts Press’ Virtual Book Tour is a terrific way for authors to harness the power of social networking and the blogosphere to promote their books.

Today authors can take advantage of this efficient and cost-effective marketing tool to reach new audiences and new readers for their books with minimal effort, and at a 10% DISCOUNT!

Rather than packing the trunk with books and trudging across the country from bookstore to bookstore and radio show to radio show, you can make your appearances in the blogosphere and on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube and more through virtual tour cyber-stops. Unlike a physical Virtual Book Tour Blog Tourtour, which ends the moment you leave the bookstore or the radio studio, a virtual tour lasts forever because an author’s appearances stay permanently archived and forever available for Internet searches.

After Outskirts Press announces each Virtual Book Tour to the blogosphere, we forward every inquiry in response to each author appearance. We also register you with a clipping service so that you’ll receive an immediate notification each time your book title appears on the Internet. You’ll always know immediately when to revisit the site to participate in comments that results from your appearance.

To streamline the entire Virtual Book Tour process and make it as effortless as possible, we’ll provide you with a Virtual Book Tour Packet that includes everything you need to follow up with bloggers quickly and easily, and schedule future “appearances” with them. In most cases, that appearance would include a book review, an author interview or both.

Unsure how to get the word out about your book, or simply pressed for time? A Virtual Book Tour is the quickest, easiest way to launch your book marketing efforts! Get started with a 10% DISCOUNT, today only!

Order Virtual Book Tour Now!

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