Five Ways to Use Free Author Copies

As a self-publishing author, it will be important for you to keep extra copies of your book on-hand – not just in case an opportunity to sell or promote arises but as a reminder to be proactive in your book marketing efforts.

Extra copies of your book can serve as inspiration to seek out and act upon opportunities that don’t just drop into your lap.

“What kinds of opportunities?” you may ask. More than you might think!

Here are five common scenarios where having extra copies of your book on-hand may open doors for you:

  1. Your community has a writers’ guild. If you’re not already involved in your local writers’ club, sign on. These types of organizations generally offer authors plenty of opportunities to read from and discuss their books with other writers. Many members will have great information or contacts that can help you increase your sales, so be ready to furnish copies to people who may be able to pass them along to important power players.
  2. Your community has libraries, schools and universities. Literary and educational institutions are great places to drum up interest in your book. Provide copies of your book to these entities, and offer to do free book readings for patrons and students. For any events that you schedule, plan to stay afterward to sign and sell copies of your book.
  3. Your hometown newspaper or radio station runs news briefs on local happenings. Small-town publications and news outlets regularly feature news briefs and announcements on everything from church events to student achievements to business grand openings. It’s not unusual for these news outlets to run a blurb on newly published books from local authors, book signing events or local writers’ clubs events. Getting your book into an editor or program director’s hands could result in a news brief, or even a feature story or radio interview. Call ahead to these organizations to be sure they accept promotional copies, then address or drop off a copy to the person responsible for making decisions about news.
  4. There are independent bookstores in your area. Mom and pop shops, especially ones in your hometown, are often far more receptive to independently published authors, or local authors, than the giant chain bookstores. Give them a free promotional copy of your book and any promotional materials you have, so they can determine whether to carry it. Even better, be prepared to hand over a whole stack to place on the shelf in exchange for a generous portion of the sale.
  5. You are frequently asked about your writing and your book. Every time the topic of your book comes up there is an opportunity to make a sale. Be ready with a “book jacket” description of your book – a short, compelling description of the plot that will make a reader want to dive into your writings. More important, be ready with a copy of your book! Once you’ve gotten your friend interested, ask them if they’d like a copy, even offer a discount if you wish. They will be more likely to buy if you strike when the iron’s hot. Later, they may forget all about it.


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Tim Fiscus is currently a Senior Project Manager for a major financial institution. He spent 24 years in the military, active and reserves, and also teaches college business classes. Along his path, he embraced a universal concept around his spirituality and continues to gain understanding of our universe. This book was produced years after accepting the challenge from his spiritual mentor to help others in need of coaching on their path.

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– Timothy A. Fiscus, author of Choice and Consequence

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