5 Reasons to Write & Self-Publish Your Memoirs

Odds are, you’re probably sitting on a gold mine right now and you don’t even know it – and it could be as close as your own heart.

That “gold mine” in question is your life story, and it could be meaningful to many others beside yourself. If you’ve ever found yourself swapping stories over drinks, reliving the past with old friends or telling those old war stories for the umpteenth time to your grandkids, yours might be a life story worth sharing with the world.

You have something interesting to say, so share it! Here are five reasons you may wish to consider putting pen to paper and penning your memoirs:

  1. Diary: Think of a memoir as a diary of sorts – a long, poetic, compelling diary. A memoir is your record of your life. That’s reason enough to take a long look back and start remembering everything you can.
  2. Therapy: Writing can be cathartic, and it’s never more cathartic than when we write about our own experiences. It can be an effective way of exorcising the demons in our own history and moving on to a brighter future.
  3. Philanthropy: Often, authors – famous, infamous, anonymous and otherwise – share their stories in the hopes that their life experiences can be beneficial to others.
  4. Legacy: Everyone has a unique story, and every story is a gift. A detailed, philosophical memoir can be a touching gift for future generations that will cherish the perspective you offer of your family’s past.
  5. Drama: We’d venture to guess that if most people plumbed their pasts, there’s probably rich material to be had. Why not mine that drama?

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to not only record your life story for posterity but to publish and market the book that results from that process as well. Publishing packages from Outskirts Press make it super easy to publish your memoirs, and the popular Memoir Writing Kit can even help you write it!

You bring the memories, and we’ll bring the know-how!

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I had an outstanding experience with Outskirts. I am so new at this and I continually flooded the various reps with tons of rookie questions. Nobody at Outskirts made me feel like a goof for asking…they simply provided the answers. I appreciate them never laughing to my face. It was very noble of them. I thank all the team.

Randy Cochran grew up as a caddy and attended Marquette University after receiving a Chick Evans Scholarship. After college he joined the PGA of America to become a golf professional. Randy married his wife, Barb, in 1984 and they have three daughters. Randy worked as the Golf Professional at Briarwood Country Club near Chicago for 26 years, teaching countless junior golfers. Throughout his golf pro and coaching life, he wrote hundreds of silly poems and told many made up stories for all occasions. As his own children became adults they and Barb urged him to write some of those stories down. Now he has.

Critter Golf: The Adventures at Owl’s Nest is a story that mixes friendship, golf and true amazement. A possum, a rabbit, a raccoon, and a squirrel sure make an odd foursome, but these four furry pals prove there is nothing they won’t do for one another. You will cheer for them while they root for each other. You will laugh and smile as these friends giggle their way through many exciting adventures. There are so many questions to answer. How do these critters learn to play golf? Can a rabbit really learn to climb a tree? Can a possum escape a hungry pack of coyotes? What begins as a story of golf becomes a test for survival. These buddies never forget the lessons learned from local PGA pros or the lessons gained from the bonds of great friendship.

– Randy Cochran, author of Critter Golf

One thought on “5 Reasons to Write & Self-Publish Your Memoirs

  1. I’m sure feeling that gold mine you’ve mentioned here. It’s getting uncomfortable, too! What’s holding me back? Not sure if I should write a memoir or novel based on my life. It’s been very rich, has lots of drama and some of it would make folks cry.
    I suppose I’m stalling. I don’t need the therapy though, but after reading my memoirs, some folks might. 🙂

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