July is Memoir Month With Outskirts Press

Outskirts Press is excited to name July “Memoir Month.” One of the most valuable pieces of writing material can be a person’s own story – recollections and personal history they can pass down to future generations. For the remainder of July, we want our writers to share their life experiences and be able to pass their stories on to future generations.

The Memoir Writing Kit from Outskirts Press offers 140 pages of memory-provoking questions to help inspire the writer. The writer can simply answer the questions in complete sentences, remove the questions themselves, and the memoir practically writes itself!

Everyone’s life experience is unique. The beauty of the Memoir Writing Kit is that it is flexible and comprehensive enough to help any writer start and complete their memoirs, no matter what sort of life they have led. The writer can simply delete sections that don’t apply to them, or add details and stories that do. The structure is roughly chronological, beginning with “The Dawn of Life” and ending with “The Sunset.” The years between are organized by similarly themed chapters, ranging from “Childhood Holidays and Celebrations” to “Serving My Country” to “A Taste for Life.”

Today through July 26, each weekday we will post a question from the Memoir Writing Kit on the Outskirts Press Facebook Page Fans can simply answer the question in a comment to the post to enter for a chance to win a copy of the Memoir Writing Kit. One winner will be selected each week and the winning response will be the one with the most “Likes” that week. If you want to be one of the THREE talented authors to win a free Memoir Writing Kit from Outskirts Press, be sure to invite your friends and family to “Like” your responses. Each Monday we will choose the response from the previous week with the most “Likes” to be the recipient of the Memoir Writing Kit.

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