Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Danny Lopriore’s ‘Seasons of Sanctuary’ Catches Hollywood Interest

Outskirts Press author Danny Lopriore may well have a hit book and a hit show under his belt if his novel Seasons in Sanctuary gets picked up.

WhSeasons in Sanctuaryile doing a career day at Eastchester High School in New York, Lopriore met a television producer/writer for “Crossing Jordan,” “Third Watch,” and now “NCIS-LA,” and gave him a copy of of the novel. By the spring of 2008 the writer and a friend had written a screenplay, called “Coach Vig” based on the book.

With Seasons in Sanctuary Lopriore tells a story of a mobster’s struggle to choose between walking the straight and narrow or accepting the spiritual consequences of evil. Set in a gritty, working-class New York in the 1970s, it’s a vivid book about strife, struggle and hope for redemption.

“The screenplay has been pitched to several studios and networks, most recently USA Network,” Lopriore said.

No stranger to writing, Lopriore is a veteran newspaper reporter, editor and columnist who has covered high school sports and news for several daily and weekly newspapers in New York and New Jersey since 1989. He lives in Westchester County, New York, with his wife Dianne and three of their five children. Seasons in Sanctuary, published by Outskirts Press in 2007, is his first book.

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