Top 10 Book Marketing Options for July 2012

Book marketing is often revered as the most challenging part of self-publishing a book. There are so many things to do – how can an author decide which options will work best for them? What are other successful self-published authors doing? Wouldn’t it be helpful to get a sneak peek into what others feel works best for their book? What if you had the opportunity to get a “sneak peek” into a list of statistically proven strategies that you put into your book marketing plan right away? Now you can…

These were the most popular book marketing tactics during the month of July 2012, listed below in alphabetical order:

Amazon Extreme Package Save 25% on 3 of our marketing services focused on This package includes a Kindle edition of your book, participation in the Amazon Search Inside the Book, and submission of 10 keywords and tags for Amazon optimization.
Amazon keyword search submission Participating books are “tagged” with 10 applicable terms and keywords on Amazon’s Product Detail page. This encourages other visitors to your page to “tag” your book with the same keywords and phrases, which can give more “weight” to those terms in Amazon’s search results.

Amazon Kindle Edition Make your book available on Amazon’s Kindle ebook reading device. More formats on Amazon means more exposure on Amazon, and the Kindle is heavily promoted by Amazon.

Amazon Search Inside the Book Submission Amazon Search Inside the Book marketing option will allow you to take advantage of Amazon’s online equivalent to browsing a bookstore. Books that participate in this program feature a “Look Inside” icon over their Amazon cover image, which invites potential customers to electronically “flip” through a small section of the book. This increases the level of confidence a customer has in your book – most likely leading up to a higher volume of book sales. According to Amazon, books participating in this program enjoy significant sales improvement, on average, over books that do not.
Barnes & Noble NOOK Edition There are OVER 2 MILLION books available on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. If your book isn’t one of them, you are missing out on tapping a very important, and growing, market of readers. Now you can you reach this audience that is already waiting to buy your book.
Barnes & Noble See Inside submission Turn Barnes & Noble browsers into buyers by allowing online shoppers to view select pages of your book digitally from the website.
Book Video Teaser Launch your viral video promotional efforts by uploading this 30 second high-def book teaser to YouTube, MySpace, Google Video and other video channels.
Custom Press Release Have our professional press release writer compose an original, unique press release for your book, submitted to you for your review/approval, and then distributed to our news wire service on your behalf.
First Chapter Preview Library Distribution Introduce your book to libraries, bookstores, media, reviewers, bloggers and readers by running a quarter page full-color ad along with a free preview of your first chapter in this catalog for three consecutive months..
Personal Marketing Assistant Do you need help developing a book marketing plan? Arranging book signings? Establishing/developing your author platform? A Personal Marketing Assistant can help with all of that and much more.
Self-publishing authors who want to know more about either of these solutions can visit the book marketing solutions page to get more information about any of the marketing options available to order.


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  1. You might consider getting on TV as an expert guest. It costs you nothing and the sales are incredible. TV producers have no trouble booking self-publishers if they use the right system to approach them. OK, thanks for the list. Edward Smith.

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